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This is where YOU get to jump in and tell tails about anything and everything dog food.

Write your own consumer reports on dog food, andConsumer Reports on Dog Food comment on dog food reviews and discussions from other dog parents.

Tell us which dog food brands you rate tails up, and which ones get your tails down. Why?

Do you feed your pooch a kibble or canned dog food only, or a combination of both dry and wet dog food? Do you rotate between dog food brands and formulas? Tell us your story and share what works best for your special doggie.

Perhaps your dog suddenly reacted badly to his regular dog food and you noticed an undisclosed change in dog food ingredients? Dog food companies constantly fiddle with their formulas behind the scenes. Please tell tails on them here!

Do you feed the BARF raw dog food diet? Share your thoughts on why you believe the raw food diet for dogs is best, and what results you've see.

Are you an advocate of vegetarian dog food? Do you feed it exclusively, or in combination with either another meat based dog food, or with your own homemade dog food recipes?

Do you only feed homemade dog food at all times? Share your story, and why you never feed commercial dog food. Do you have some healthy recipes for homemade dog foods that you can share with all of us?

Does your dog have dog food allergies or other health problems that require a special diet? Have you found the best dog food (or combination of diets) for your pooch? Let us know about it, and what has and hasn't worked.

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Folks, our mandate at Dog Food Scoop is to do the research and sniff out the most accurate and up-to-date dog food information we possibly can!

That said, the pet food industry keeps us constantly spinning on an ever-changing, dark and deceptive merry-go-round and, despite our best efforts, it's dog-gone imposssible to be 100% right 100% of the time.

We need your eyes, ears and knowledge too!
Please jump in and bark along with us.
We respect and appreciate all opinions, whether we agree with them or not.

***   It's 100% about our precious pups   ***

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Tell tails about your dog's diet, and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. We can all learn from YOUR knowledge.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see consumer dog food reviews and contributions from other visitors to this page ...

Problems with Blue Life Protection Dog Food 
We have been feeding our two German Shepard Lab Mix pups Blue Dog Food for over a year now. In deciding to switch to Blue I did research and found …

Change in Evo Natura Chicken/Turkey Formula ? 
Greetings dog lovers, we wonder if anyone else is having the same experience. In the past two months we observed that our large dogs are not interested …

Dogswell - Dangerous Dog Food? 
Hi, My beautiful dog died on Dec. 21st. She was perfectly healthy when I started her on a new dog food....all natural, called Dogswell Healthy Hips, …

California Natural Dog Food Ingredient Change? 
Has California Natural changed their ingredients? All of a sudden my dog started scratching and his skin is flaking now. I was wondering if anyone else …

Canned dog food ingredients...YUCK! 
I started doing dog food research about two months ago because I found out what "animal digest" is. I have been gradually switching over my dog's dry …

I switched from Iams to Blue Buffalo a few months back and one of our dogs especially has softer hair but the other 2 have begun scratching so I am now …

BEWARE of stale dog food! 
All dog foods (most decent ones on the market) should have a sell by date, some even state this is a USE BY date. DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS DATE! If …

Commercial dog foods vs homemade dog food 
I have a one year old Collie who as a puppy had a lot of commercial puppy food reactions which included vomiting and hair loss on her ears. She could not …

Nutro Dog Food Terrible! 
I switched my 4 month old Golden Retriever from Purina puppy to Nutro because the rep sold me on it while my daughter and pup were in puppy training class …

I am trying Science Diet. so far so good 
Science Diet seems to be ok but Emma has a lot of itching.

Whipworms, Not Natural Balance Dog Food! 
My little one has been getting sick with upset stomach and so on. After several trips to vet thinking it must be food; we use Natural Balance. Well …

Don't let the internet fool you! 
Since pet food consumers have realized what power the internet holds they have used it to influence and switch consumers to what they "feel" is a better …

Puppy Food for Labrador Retriever 
Can you help me decide on an appropriate puppy food for my labrador retriever? It is all so confusing!

Merrick - Herbal Extracts and Neurological Problems? 
Does your new “natural” cat or dog food contain herbs such as rosemary extract, a neurotoxin that can cause neurological problems, seizures and anemia? …

EVO will not be changed, Please read email from Natura Products 
"Dear Aracelis Thank you for contacting Natura Pet Products in regards to the acquisition with Proctor and Gamble (P&G). We are very pleased to hear …

IAMS ProActive Health Weight Control (Blue Bag) 
My GSP has been eating Iams Weight Control (blue bag) dog food for 1.5 years. She will eat anything you place in front of her and that is why she is on …

Fromm's Duck and Sweet Potato
is the best food ever!!
 Not rated yet
We took our labradoodle off Science Diet and started her on Fromm's all natural, made in the USA, she has been very healthy, no trips to the vet since. …

Cow Hooves are Dangerous for Dogs! Not rated yet
My dog was given a package of Rollover Pet Food beef filled hooves as a well-meaning gift from a friend. While she found these treats irresistibly …

Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice Dog Food Not rated yet
Several months ago our 2 yr old Border Collie started shedding very badly and his coat became dull. After a couple of months the shedding became worse …

Harmony Farms Dry Dog Food - Decent dog food, without the High price. Not rated yet
Our Bichon Frise, MickeyFinn has been eating HARMONY FARMS dry Chicken and brown rice dog food for about 3 years. His weight and hair coat are both great …

Eagle Pack - Regular Dog Food Line Not rated yet
You might want to check the new Eagle Pack ingredients list on their regular line of dog food. They have been bought out, and things have changed. (I'm …

Ribose Canned Dog Food by Monge Co. in Italy Not rated yet
Our one year old Poodle/Spaniel had to have a stomach operation to relieve an intestinal blockage. Since then, it has been havoc trying to find a food …

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