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Rated 3 Scoops!

Dog Food Ratings - 3 Scoops
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Our dog food comparisons chart and dog food ratings scale ranks the following commercial dog foods 3 Scoops out of a possible 5!

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Although, we don't consider them the best dog food brands on the market, they appear not too bad at all.

Note: In our opinion, 3 Scoops is the lowest ranking we would consider adding to our dog food comparison shopping list.

When we publish our reviews and in-depth dog food analysis, we will explain in detail how we arrived at each score.

We take into account many different factors. Our dog food analysis is not based solely on the top three or five ingredients.

For instance, do their formulas contain a controversial dog food ingredient, such as Vitamin K3 (Menadione), for example? Or, are they on the low protein end, without a high protein dog food offering?

See here for a detailed explanation on how we rate dog food.

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Dog Foods Rated 3 Scoops!


  • Azmira Dog Food
  • Burns Dog Food
  • By Nature Dog Food
  • Doctors Foster and Smith
  • Halo Dog Food
  • Harmony Farms
  • Horizon Complete Dog Food
  • Newman's Own Dog Food
  • Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension
  • Wenaewe Dog Food

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