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Our Discount Dog Supplies page will be updated frequently with current dog food coupons, free shipping coupons, and other discounted online dog supplies.Online Pet Supplies

We'll do all the sniffing around and digging about for you!

First, please do take a minute to read our Tips for Purchasing Dog Food Online. Make your online dog food experience a safe experience!

As you know, Dog Food Scoop IS about helping and guiding our fellow dog lovers to make the best dog food choices possible. In keeping with this principle, we are concentrating our efforts on digging up dog food coupons and savings on healthy, holistic, all natural, premium dog food brands.

We will NOT endeavor to include any special offers associated with the bad dog food brands.

However! Dog Food Scoop is also NOT about judging anyone on the personal choices they ultimately make. We understand premium dog food often comes at a premium price. If you feel our Discount Dog Food List should include ALL dog food brands, regardless of our dog food ratings, please contact us and let us know your thoughts. 

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Orijen Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food

Ziwi Peak Dog Food

Go! Natural Dog Food

Wysong Dog Food

Canidae Dog Food
Acana Dog Food

Natures Variety Dog Food

Avoderm Dog Food

Now Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Weruva Dog Food

Solid Gold Dog Food
Fromm Dog Food

Chicken Soup Dog Food

Newmans Own Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food

Pinnacle Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

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