Dog Food Ratings
Rated 2 Scoops!

Dog Food Ratings 2 Scoops

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Based on our dog food analysis, and our dog food ratings criteria, we have ranked the dog food brands listed below 2 Scoops out of a possible 5 Scoops!

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Our opinion, which is backed by most consumer reports on dog food, is that the following dog food brands are below average. They are certainly not the most healthy dog food recipes available.

Having said that, we fully appreciate that these are tough economic times. The reality is that many doggie parents are simply unable to afford the best dog food brands on the market.

If you are financially unable to feed your pooch a higher rated natural holistic dog food, please take into account that these brands are not awfully bad dog foods, that we would advise you to avoid at any cost!

On the plus side, none of these 2 Scoop dog food brands contain by-products, unnamed meat sources, or harmful chemicals and preservatives.

They are, however, likely to have a very high grain content and, therefore, will not be a high protein dog food. You may wish to supplement with a quality meat protein. They may also contain Vitamin K3 (Menadione), and chances are high they are not a human grade dog food, or that they use any organic dog food ingredients.

When we publish our dog food reviews and in-depth dog food analysis, we will explain in greater detail how we arrived at these ratings.

Please refer to our dog food comparison chart for a big picture look.

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Dog Food Ratings 2 Scoops!


  • California Natural Dog Food
  • Canine Caviar Dog Food
  • EVO Dog Food
  • Diamond Naturals Dog Food
  • Exclusive Dog Food
  • Haven Naturals Dog Food
  • HealthWise Dog Food
  • Innova Dog Food
  • Karma Dog Food
  • Kirkland Dog Food (Costco Brand)
  • Precise Dog Food
  • Professional Dog Food
  • Rachel Ray Dog Food - Nutrish

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