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Evangers Dog and Cat Food Company

Evangers Dog Food Company has earned an excellent reputation as producers of some of the top dog foods available. Their line of all natural dog food recipes receive high recommendations from experts and consumers alike, and the Whole Dog Journal names them on their list of approved dog foods.

Evanger's was incorporated in 1935, and acquired in 2002 by a husband and wife team. They are based in Wheeling, Ilinois. Their dry dog food manufacturers are Ohio Pet Foods, Lisbon, Ohio, and Fromm Family Foods, Mequon, Wisconsin. They manufacture all their canned dog food at their own plant in Ilinois.

The company produces all natural dog food products which contain all the best quality dog food ingredients. They are free of artificial preservatives, additives, and by-products. It is a human grade dog food, hormone and antibiotic free, containing no artificial chemical preservatives, additives, or by-products. They are also free of Vitamin K (a controversial ingredient).

Their products are also rich in vitamins and Omega three and Omega six fatty acids. The company representative told us they do not add probiotics or chelated minerals, as they essentially become ineffective after the cooking processing. FYI, there does appear to be two schools of thought on this subject.

The vast majority of Evangers dog food ingredients are sourced locally; their lamb and venison is from New Zealand and Australia.

The representative told us their vitamin and mineral pre-mix comes from China as, unfortunately, they are the sole producers of these components. They come with a Certificate of Analysis and are tested for MARC (Melanine and related compounds). In addition, Evangers uses independent laboratories, as necessary, and do random product testing on-site.

Update - November, 2009:  Brett Sher of Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company has informed us that "Nothing made at Evanger's has ingredients made in China. Our vitamin mineral premix no longer comes from China."

Official Website: www.evangersdogfood.com

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Evangers News Updates

May, 2011:
The FDA tests samples of two of Evangers canned dog food recipes and issues another Warning Letter to the Company. Evangers conducts their own independent tests which counteract the FDA's claims.
See here for Evangers vs. FDA - The ongoing saga.

September, 2010:
The status of Evangers Dog Food and the FDA appears to remain unchanged. The FDA has been closely reviewing and approving all Evangers sterilization processes, and there have been no reported incidents of illness from either the Evangers brand, or any of their private label customer brands. Therefore, we feel comfortable reinstating Evangers dog food ratings to their former 5 Scoops.

June, 2009:
Dog Food Scoop has dropped Evangers from our list of Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands. Additionally, we have adjusted our dog food comparison chart to reflect zero scoops until further notice.
Full details and February 2010 update provided below:

Evangers Risk of Botulism
Or Much Ado About Nothing?
February, 2010

So what's the latest scoop on the ongoing saga between Evanger's canned dog food and the FDA? Many of our visitors have contacted us.

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