The Best Dog Food ...or Not?
The Dark Side of Dog Food Manufacturers

So you thought you were feeding your pup the best dog food possible? And why wouldn't we believe it's a safe dog food brand when we see glamorous dog food labels with claims of the best dog food ingredients splashed all over the television and in glossy magazines?

Unfortunately, it's time for a reality check.

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Do yourself and your precious pooch a big favor. Study and compare dog food ingredients of cheap dog food brands with a top rated dog food, and see the difference for yourself.

Do an informed dog food comparison, and don't allow yourself to be fooled. Read all our articles on how to choose the healthiest dog foods and, you too, will learn how to read between the lines and judge for yourself what's really the best dog food for your pooch!

At Dog Food Scoop, we're committed to helping keep you updated and informed, and prevent you and your furry friends from becoming innocent victims of an unethical dog food industry.

We filter out all the "fluff" and hype, and bring to light the genuinely best dog food manufacturers.

Dog Food Manufacturers - The Dark Side

The pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Commercial dog food manufacturers spend exorbitant amounts of money each year on advertising and marketing their "nutritious dog food" to consumers.

We're bombarded with glamorous television commercials, glossy magazine ads, and slick packaging. All declaring various health benefits and offering the "best dog food".

Sadly however, in many cases these claims are blatantly false! In reality, the dark truth behind the dog food industry, and their representation of a top dog food ... is shocking!!!

Many commercial dog foods are comprised mainly of cheap, harmful fillers, which are tough on our dog's digestive system, (such as, cereal by-products, cottonseed hulls, crushed peanut shells, straw, crushed corncobs, weeds, and feathers).

Many dog food brands also contain toxic preservatives, poisonous dyes, and other carcinogenic agents which are banned from human foods.

Perhaps even more shockingly, most average pet owners are also unaware that the dog food ingredient listed on the label as "meat meal" or "bone meal" could well be the boiled down flesh of any animal ... From zoo animals, road kill, and 4-D (dead, diseased, disabled, dying) livestock. And yes, this can also include euthanized dogs and cats too!

In an interview of former President of AAFCO, Hersch Pendell in 2006, he admitted to these claims to King 5 TV, Seattle. The video has since been taken down.

See also, CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine) analyzes dry dog food samples to measure how much pentobarbital might be present.

In her book, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food, Ann M. Martin describes the rendering plant process:

"The mixture is centrifuged (spun at a high speed) and the grease (or tallow) rises to the top and it is removed from the mixture. The grease becomes the source of animal fat in most pet foods. Oftentimes, when you open a standard can of dog food, you will see a top layer of fat. The centrifuged product is the source of that fat, which is meant to entice a hungry dog or cat. After the grease is removed in the rendering process, the remaining material is dried. Meat meal, and meat and bone meal are the end product of this process. This dried material is usually found in dry pet food."

This excellent paper, written by Harvard Law School student, Justine S. Patrick, highlights many of the problems with the commercial pet food industry. In the paper, she writes:

"The labels of several different brands of pet foods revealed that common ingredients such as corn gluten meal, corn meal, brewers rice, oat meal, ground barley, and whole grain corn represent at least two of the top three ingredients. Often three of the top four ingredients consist of grains. The surveyed brands include Iams, Purina, Science Diet, Purina One, Whiskas, and Meow Mix."

This is an informative article from Born Free USA (united with the Animal Protection Institute), on "What's really in Pet Food".

The events leading to the unprecedented Dog Food Recall of 2007, are nothing short of disgraceful! Three company indictments including one American company! Still, this is little consolation to the thousands of pet owners who watched helplessly as their adored animals either died or were left suffering from permanent kidney damage ...

Pet owners have now become more aware and - rightfully so - they are no longer trustful that all commercial dog food manufacturers are interested in turning out the safest and best dog food they possibly can.

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