Don't let the internet fool you!

by Alicia
(Northridge, Ca)

Since pet food consumers have realized what power the internet holds they have used it to influence and switch consumers to what they "feel" is a better diet.

I have been in the pet industry for almost 10 years. I have more pet nutrition classes and trainings than any vet. I know what every ingredient on the panels does and why it is there.

With that being said I know what is considered a "super premium" or "grocery" food.

There are two dog food companies that have an extensive amount of research on the food to make sure that every ingredient that goes in there is being used by the animal. The Iams company and Royal Canin have spent endless funds to make sure that your pet is getting everything they need and in Royal Canin's case, to study how a dog or cat picks up kibble. They shape the kibble to make it effective for that breed.

I am getting extremely frustrated by the ignorance most pet stores employees have now a days. They do not bother to learn about pet nutrition but will push a brand that a Represenative of the company tells them to sell. They see a word like "Holistic", "Natural" or "complete and balanced" and because these are the hot buzz words, its "better food".

Just a little fact any food on the market is complete and balanced. It legally has to be by AFFCO standards. Holistic is a great term being thrown around as well. It means helping the body in a whole. Most foods are made to suit the needs of the whole body. And the term "Natural" is not even recognized by AFFCO, but it means using ingredients to their natural state.

Also every dog has different needs. I will not put down any fad diet on the market. There are dogs that do well on grain-free, raw or home-made. What I can say is that these are very new to the market and have not had a long amount of research to show long term effect, good or bad. Most dry foods have, and they can use research done with our foods to know how they will work for the dog.

Do your own research, not off what bloggers are telling, but on the ingredients and nutritional panels.

(Side note: A lot of companies pay people to sit at a computer all day to talk about their dog food.)

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Jul 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Iams? REALLY?? Look at what their EXTENSIVE AMOUNT of RESEARCH did to/for ALL those poor animals!!!! You would have been better off using Purina and Science Diet for your examples.

I work in a Pet specialty store and I have done my research on pet food. I do not push or sell a food because I am told to. My job is to educate and help other pet parents find a good food they can feel good about feeding their kids.

Sounds to me like you need to re-educate yourself. How you can use Iams as ANY KIND of example for RESEARCH is beyond me!!

Jul 05, 2011
Good Job!
by: Anonymous

Clearly all of you besides who wrote the article need to go back to school!

I am actually an animal nutritionist and have spent countless hours formulating and learning about many of the pet food companies. Royal Canin is the leading pet nutrition company. Most of the research they have done other pet food companies that you are saying are better are using!

I would rather feed a formula from a company that knows what it takes to make a good diet and what needs to be improved upon, then one who reads some research and twists and moulds it into their own formula. Many people today look at the ingredient deck and think they know the quality of the ingredient that has been added, when you have NO idea! Many of todays companies are adding wet forms of ingredients making their formulas "look" great, yet when the food mixture is dehydrated these ingredients are WAY! down the list or could not withstand the cooking process and are only contributing sugar and fibre! (apples and carrots case). I think many of you would change your mind on a good formula versus a bad formula if you were to see the sugar content of many diets!

You really cannot trust any of these blogs! which is very unfortunate, but 95% of the time there is no education to back up the claims and the rating pet food companies are getting (many companies go online and rate themselves knowing people will read it and buy their food!).

Also Royal Canin breed specific is VERY different from any of their formulas, look at the guaranteed analysis for starters, if you have any idea on nutrient profiles and breed characteristics it will make sense to you. These also are just the simple nutrients, you don't even see the vitamin, amino acid, mineral and fatty acid differences between each breed specific formula!

I too am very sick of pet stores not having enough education and giving false information than when I teach my pet nutrition seminars (and no I am not joined with any pet food company) I have to reteach!

Jun 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

First off, where did this person take nutrition classes? That school should be shut down!!! Second, there is no such thing as breed specific food! Royal Canin uses it as a gimmick to charge more/ make it sound higher quality! Third, raw diets and grain free diets ARE proven to be better and healthier!

May 23, 2011
@Funny you should post about
by: Anonymous

This was probably written BEFORE Iams was bought out by P&G. The Iams company used to produce very high grade dog food, just like the Natura brand dog foods, which will likely become just as bad now that P&G has bought them out.

May 02, 2011
Funny you should post about
by: Anonymous

Iams and Royal Canin. I wouldn't feed either one and they are not rated very high on this site. You sound like you've been selling the food in pet stores. Suggest you take some more nutrition classes and get updated.

Iams is actually the worst food you can feed, also rated with "0" scoop here. Please check out this link and see for yourself.

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