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Artemis Pet Food Co. Inc.

Artemis dog food has an excellent reputation as producers of some of the best dog foods ranked.
In 2003, the Whole Dog Journal rated them as one of the Best New Dry Dog Foods, and they have remained on their annual list of approved best dog foods ever since.

Artemis Pet Food Co. Inc. was established in 1998, and is based in North Hollywood, California. Their dog food manufacturers are Diamond Pet Products, Lathrop, CA, and Eagle Pack Pet Products, Mishawaka, IN.

Their all natural dog food brands contain all the best quality dog food ingredients. Their human grade dog food proteins are sourced from USDA inspected plants, and are hormone and antibiotic free. Additionally Artemis dog foods do not contain any by-products or harmful artificial preservatives and additives.

On May 25, 2010, Artemis Pet Food Co. Inc. announced on their website that Artemis dog food is now Ethoxyquin free. They have switched suppliers and have substituted Ethoxyquin with naturally preserved fish meal in all their dog food recipes.

"We have switched our supplier of fish meal and now our fish meal will be naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols (vitamin E). The supplier we have acquired has obtained all of the required permits in order to use natural preservatives instead of ethoxyquin.

Artemis Products are now Ethoxyquin FREE..."

The Artemis representative told us that the only dog food ingredients imported from China were the vitamins and minerals. He said there was no way around it, but they employed an independent laboratory in the mid-west to conduct testing prior to use.

All Artemis products are rich in vitamins and chelated minerals, Omega three and six fatty acids, and probiotics (friendly bacteria).

In addition, they add a variety of vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, carrots, peas, apples, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach and cranberries.

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