IAMS ProActive Health Weight Control (Blue Bag)

by Barb
(Windsor, ON, Canada)

My GSP has been eating Iams Weight Control (blue bag) dog food for 1.5 years. She will eat anything you place in front of her and that is why she is on it.

The latest bag, purchased in June 2010 from PetSmart was refused by her nose and her palate. She sniffed it and walked away.

You have to understand, that this is a dog who eats her cup of food in less than a minute. I was amazed!! I called her back to her bowl and tried to get her to eat, but she dropped the food after she took a morsel from my hand.

Not sure if there was an issue in her mouth, I gave her a treat. No problems there.

I went out and bought another type of dog food and she ate it.

What's up with IAMS?

Barb in Windsor, ON CANADA

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Nov 23, 2010
poison food
by: Brian

I used Iams Proactive Health Mini Chunks in the green bag and I purchased a bag in June 2010 and fed it to my 2 bischons and my pitbull.

The pit refused to eat it but the bischons did. They both died a few weeks later vomiting blood, not eating or drinking for 2 days then death.

Like a fool, I didn't throw the food out, and last week my dogs the pit one of her puppies got into the bag and my puppy was sick throwing up.

She's better now but I started checking for recalls. Iams had a recall in June or July but the recall did not include the Proactive Health on the list. Then I found a consumer complaint website that listed many others that went through the same thing with the Proactive mini chunks. This is not a fluke, something major went wrong with Iams and they are not going to admit it but their food contains poison and is death waiting to happen.

You are lucky your dog refused to eat. I was not so lucky for my 2 boys that I miss and now feel I'm to blame for not following my pitbull's instinct when she wouldn't eat it.

Do your homework and google dog food complaints and hopefully you won't have to share my experience.

Aug 07, 2010
by: Emily

What is a Gsp? Can someone please tell me!!!

Editor's Comment
Hi Emily, GSP is usually the acronym for the German Shorthaired Pointer dog.

Jul 12, 2010
by: Kelly

I'd send a sample of the kibble back to IAMS to have it analyzed? Along with a copy of the UPC code in case the food is contaminated they can then recall it.

I'm not an IAMS lover at all.
But if there is something wrong with this food lot, it's best for all dogs concerned that they know about this!


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