BEWARE of stale dog food!

by Joyce M. Gentile

All dog foods (most decent ones on the market) should have a sell by date, some even state this is a USE BY date.


If you do and the dog food is over its use by date your dog could become ill from the food.

Also beware of leaving your dry dog foods in the car, or in the Trunk of your car..( I have done this, forgotten my dogs food in the trunk on a hot summer day after buying.)

This can cause illness in your pet at well.

Dog food is perishable!

Just a reminder! It stings to have wasted good money on food for you Furry pals and even worse to have them become ill from it.

Editor's Note:  Thanks for this important warning, Joyce.

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Feb 22, 2012
Stale Top Runner Moist Meaty Dog Food
by: "Mad in Georgia

I bought some Top Runner dog food marked down today and fed it to my dogs!

One is on my couch now crying with severe stomach spasms, her gums are white and she seemed to have had a seizure or something! I would call the Vet but it's midnight now and I'm not sure what to do! The pain subsided and she held up her head enough to drink water! I also fed some to my labs outside! The sick one is a terrier!

Just beware of the Sunshine Mills Inc. brands from Red Bay Alabama! I later checked the food and it is a dark color and stinks very bad!! (This is that food that comes in small bags and looks like ground beef!). Red box!

Signed: "Mad in Georgia"!

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