Toxic Foods For Dogs
Poisonous and/or Dangerous Foods for Dogs
What's in "Your" Fridge and Pantry?

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Many common foods which are totally harmless to humans, are in fact extremely toxic foods for dogs.

So!   Do you know what tempting, but very dangerous foods for dogs are innocently lurking in your fridge and pantry?

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Eyeing toxic foods for dogs
Do you know what harmless looking table scraps could in fact be a poisonous food for your beloved pooch?

Many of these foods -- including some non-toxic but, nevertheless, very dangerous foods for dogs -- may come as a surprise to you! Learn about them now and avoid a potential tragedy!

Many dog owners are still unaware of the very harmful effects of dogs eating chocolate. And what about grapes and dogs? Or dogs and onions? And what's the real scoop on avocado for dogs? And the list goes on and on ...

The effects of these dangerous foods for dogs range anywhere from short-term illness, to irreversible, permanent damage, and in the worst cases, they can be fatal!

Please educate yourself, and your family and friends.

*** When In Doubt ... Leave It Out ***

Our in-depth coverage includes:

  • Symptoms of overdose,
  • How much is too much, and
  • Why is it a dangerous or poisonous food for dogs.

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Alcohol Avocados Baking Soda (Leavening Agents) Bones (Cooked vs. Raw) Caffeine Chocolate Corn on the Cob
Fatty Foods Garlic Grapes Hops Moldy or Spoiled Foods Mushrooms Nuts - Macadamias, Almonds, Walnuts
Nutmeg Onions Pits and Seeds of Fruits Potato Peelings and Green Potatoes Raisins Raw Eggs Raw Fish
Rawhide Dog Bones Rhubarb Salt Sweeteners - Artificial Tobacco Tomatoes Yeast Dough (Raw)

Note: Much research is still needed on the comparative toxicology between humans and animals. In some cases, there are no definitive answers as to exactly why some human foods are such toxic foods for dogs.

For those of you who wish to delve deeper: The Merck Veterinary Manual

If you suspect your pooch has ingested a toxic food for dogs,
Please contact your Veterinarian or an Animal Poison Hotline
(Always keep a phone number handy for emergencies)

Our innocent, furry companions depend on us for their well-being.
Keep these foods out of their reach!

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