Harmony Farms Dry Dog Food - Decent dog food, without the High price.

by Joyce M Gentile
(Bridegport Ct.)

Our Bichon Frise, MickeyFinn has been eating HARMONY FARMS dry Chicken and brown rice dog food for about 3 years. His weight and hair coat are both great and he enjoys his food each day.

We tried him on other brands of dog food and found that he had allergic reactions to some of the ingredients like the corn in most commercial grocery store brands. Even in some of the more expensive brands.

My hubby and I are retired and feeding higher priced pet shop brands are out of the question. However Harmony Farms dog food can be gotten at most good grocery stores (like Stop and Shop) and the ingredients are pretty darn good compared to some of the TRASH foods that are carried in grocery stores these days. It's been a win win situation for us and our MickeyFinn. While it is true that Harmony Farms is not CHEAP by grocery store dog food standards, it is still far less expensive then most PET SHOP brands.

Harmony Farms contains no corn, wheat or soy which have been found to be the most common of grain type allergens for most dogs. Mickey is allergic to Corn.

Another good but a bit more expensive dog food now carried at some grocery stores is DOGSWELL dog food. However Mickey did not seem to like it quite as well as Harmony Farms sooooooo... Mickey will remain a Harmony Farms dog. Better for our grocery budget too!

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