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Join Our Interactive Off-Leash Dog Parks!

Interactive Off Leash Dog Parks

What is Community Scoop?

Community Scoop is Dog Food Scoop's new interactive off-leash dog parks.

Here, you'll find a selection of warm and fuzzy meet-ups for all dog lovers to hang out, exchange dog food information, and have some fun too!

Join in and yap about your own dog food trials and tribulations, and voice your personal thoughts and experiences. Write your own dog food reviews, and share your knowledge, suggestions and tips with other dog lovers. Ask a dog food question and answer a question.

You can even choose to just brag about your dog and show him/her off on our site.

We're all passionate about our beloved puppy dogs, and try our best to keep them as healthy and as happy as possible. Don't hold back, we all have something of value to share with our fellow dog parents.

Folks, please feel free to bark it all out in this safe, friendly and caring space.

We need all your extra eyes, ears and, er, noses!

We're all in this together and we welcome all
well-meaning viewpoints and contributions!

Help us make our site as accurate, as informative and as current as possible.

Visit Our Off-Leash Dog Parks

Below, you will find our present leash free doggie parks. As we grow, we'll group all submissions into easy to read categories. We'll also branch out and build new dog parks according to the direction you, our loyal visitors, take us!

Okay now, 'nuff said! Grab your pooper scoopers, click one of the following doggie park pictures to enter, and enjoy your sniff around!

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Note: The opinions expressed in Community Scoop's Off-Leash Dog Parks are the opinions of those who post and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of In other words, they are your words, not ours. ;)

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