Nutro Dog Food Terrible!

by Raquel

I switched my 4 month old Golden Retriever from Purina puppy to Nutro because the rep sold me on it while my daughter and pup were in puppy training class at PetSmart.

The Nutro made my poor puppy so sick - Diarrhea horribly for an entire day, and some lethargy and shaking! I will never again listen to a rep.

I am using this site and going to try Wellness or Blue. Going to PetSmart right now to exchange and complain!!


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Nov 05, 2012
Nutro Ultra Puppy food
by: Jet & Shadow's Mom

Sorry to hear your pup had a rough time. Our 4 mo. old black lab pups (2) have only had Ultra since they were 3-4 wks old...with great results. The breeder said he only uses this food with all his dogs. That said, the vet mentioned several times, that if we change foods, to do a 25-75% split over 3-4 days, then 50-50% next 3-4 days, then 75-25 for 3-4 days,and so on. I'm considering a change in a couple months, just because they eat a 30 lb bag in 10-12 days. Good luck.

Sep 05, 2010
Changing Foods
by: Anonymous

We can expect some stomach upset whenever we change foods. Did you slowly integrate the old food with the Nutro? With that said, the shaking is concerning. I hope your dog is well and the pet store worked with you on picking out some good dog food. By the way, I had my dog on Nutro Ultra for about a year. I now alternate between Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo. I also provide a serving of canned food (same brands) once or twice/week. Good luck.

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