EVO will not be changed, Please read email from Natura Products

by Aracelis
(NY, NY)

"Dear Aracelis

Thank you for contacting Natura Pet Products in regards to the acquisition with Proctor and Gamble (P&G). We are very pleased to hear that your pet is doing so well on the EVO products.

The acquisition with P&G was finalized on June 1st.
There are no plans to change the formulas or to degrade the products in any way. P&G sought Natura Pet Products out as being a "Gold Standard" in the Natural/Holistic pet food market and they have no plans to change the formulas.

The quality of our products will continue to be world class.

  • Natura's nutritional philosophy will not change. The foundation of our success is rooted in our products and their performance. We will not compromise our standards.

  • Our approach to formulation and product design will remain the same, and we will continue to position our formulas on the cutting edge. We will continue to evolve and improve our market leading products. As part of this:

  • All Natura dry products will continue to be produced in our own plants; Menu Foods will continue to make our canned products

  • All of our products will continue to be manufactured with the same quality and nutritional standards

  • Our ingredient selection philosophy will remain unchanged.

Our commitment to the Independent Pet Store continues to be our top priority.

  • We remain committed to the distribution of Natura brands only within the pet specialty channel.

  • Natura products will not be massed produced.

We will continue to celebrate and advance Natura's legacy and nutritional philosophy and maintain Natura's current high standards for product and ingredient quality, food safety and manufacturing excellence. And, we will continue to support the development of a thriving independent pet specialty channel.

Again, thank you for contacting us and we especially thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to your concerns."

Editor's Comment:  Thank you to Aracelis for sharing the above correspondence from Proctor & Gamble.

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Feb 10, 2013
My cats say EVO has been reformulated
by: Anonymous

There are 7 cats that control my home... They have been ONLY eating EVO canned foods for well over 7 years and they are all very healthy... I stayed with EVO because I could see how well they were doing eating it.. Occasionally I would give them a different brand just for something different to eat, but never did a day go by they didn't also get EVO..

HOWEVER, over the past several months I have noticed a BIG change in their eating habits and their weight... Now once they eat, twice daily, they continue to be hungry, a few aggressively so.. Since I keep them separated into 5 groups when they eat, most by themselves, they are for the most part unable to take food from the other cats, thus what I give them, they eat.

In the past, all cats were content after eating their food and seldom asked for more in-between meals, today all want more food immediately after eating and continue to beg for food until their next meal or until I give in and give them extra food.. It is clear they all are still very hungry..

I have always been careful not to overfeed them, keeping all of their weights very healthy.. But now when I weigh them, eating the same amount of food they have for years, all are losing weight.. All seem to have lost close to a pound of weight over the past 6 months or so... Today, each is getting more food daily just to maintain their weight..

I buy 10 cases of canned EVO for them monthly, I am seriously considering switching to another brand because seeing a weight change in all of them means something has changed.. Since they all eat the same amount of food daily, it then has to be something in the food that has changed.

Concerned in Jax...

Jan 15, 2011
Is this a joke!
by: Anonymous

Now really, what do you think they are going to say?!! That letter doesn't even deserve it's place. I've said this in prior posts, it's where they are sourcing those ingredients that is so important, they can keep the list looking the same but the key, where are they getting those ingredients from!

Nov 21, 2010
Do you believe this statement ?
by: Bev Jordan

I don't; P&G has changed the formulation of every product that it has acquired; and further,I was in the men's retail business and as apparel business's were eaten up by the giants, the same statement was made in every case, and in every case they lied. P&G wants only the label and the prestige of Natura products.

Now, say I am wrong on all of the above. I still would not purchase ANY product owned by P&G as I have not for the past twenty odd years....because they still use animals in (useless) experimentations...torment and death to our furry friends. They tell you that it is required and "everyone else does it". Another two lies.

I WAS a longtime user of Natura. When I started there were few quality foods around. Now they abound, so there are plenty around that have not sold out for the mighty dollar !

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