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Solid Gold Dog Food

Solid Gold dog food has earned an excellent reputation as a top rated dog food. They are frequently featured on top 10 best dog food lists by dog nutrition experts, as well as various consumer reports on dog food.

Solid Gold dog food also makes the approved list of top dog foods published by the Whole Dog Journal.

The Solid Gold company was founded in 1974, and is based in El Cajon, California. Their dog food manufacturers are Diamond Pet Products, located in Lathrop, CA, and Meta, MO.

Solid Gold produces natural holistic dog food, free of artificial chemical preservatives, additives, or by-products. Their philosophy is based on allergy free dog food so you won't find any wheat, corn, or soy in this top recommended dog food. food. Nor do they use animal or poultry fat.

They are a human grade dog food, comprised of hormone and antibiotic free, USDA Choice meats, USDA grade I and II grains, and contain no artificial chemical preservatives, additives, or by-products.

The Solid Gold representative told us that all their dog food ingredients are sourced domestically, or from reputable countries in Europe, and New Zealand.

Their taurine, however, is sourced from China as, unfortunately, China produces the majority of taurine for both dog food and human food. The taurine undergoes a toxin screen upon arrival at their mill. In addition, they perform ingredient and product testing onsite, and also utilize a private laboratory for testing of the finished product.

Their top dog foods are rich in vitamins and chelated minerals, and Omega three and Omega six fatty acids.

The Solid Gold product line also includes a high protein dog food. They do not produce any organic products at this time.

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Solid Gold Dog Food Reviews

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