Dog Food Ratings
Rated 1 Scoop!

Dog Food Rating 1 Scoop

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The following dog food brands nose-dived on our dog food ratings scale at 1 Scoop out of a possible 5 Scoops!

So, What Does a 1 Scoop Dog Food Ranking Mean?

In a nutshell, it means turn your back on these cheap dog food brands ... and sniff out dog food companies who, at the very least, make an attempt to manufacture an all natural, holistic dog food!

Dog Food Scoop would personally never let our precious fur baby touch any of these foods, and we can not recommend them as a safe dog food in any way, shape or form!

Really! The quality of these dog foods is far, far below any of the best dog foods recommended.

Why do We Think They are Such Bad Dog Foods?

Various factors come into play when we do each dog food analysis. Read here for our full criteria for determining the best dog food.

For example:

  • Overall, these dog food recipes are comprised largely of unhealthy ingredients and fillers such as brewers rice, ground corn, etc. Reading between the lines of their dog food labels, it appears as though they resort to "ingredient splitting".
  • "Animal" fat may also be used as opposed to a named fat.
  • In some cases, by-products may also be used.
  • Additionally, they do not offer any high protein dog food options either. No surprises there, though!

We will analyze this in a lot more detail when we publish our full dog food reviews.

Fellow dog lovers ... In our opinion, these are definitely dog foods to avoid!

Dog Food Rating 1 Scoop!


  • Authority Dog Food
  • Blue Seal Dog Food
  • Cesar Dog Food
  • Eukanuba Dog Food
  • Natural Defense Dog Food
  • Nature's Recipe Dog Food
  • Nutro - Natural Choice, Max, Ultra Dog Food
  • Pet Promise Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Dog Food

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