Dog Food Recall List 2011
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Our 2011 dog food recall list keeps you abreast of recalls as they happen.

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  • Pet food storage tips - Includes a reminder to always keep the original bag of dog food in case of a dog food recall, or if you suspect you've purchased a bad batch of dog food.
  • How to report a pet food complaint via the FDA's Safety Reporting Portal, or by calling your state’s FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators.

Recalls of Dog Food

U.S. Dog Food Companies

Bravo! Logo

Recalls of Pig Ear Dog Treats from Same Production Lot 

Boss Pet Logo
May 17, 2011 Boss Pet Products  - Pig Ears for Dogs

PrimeTime Logol

May 17, 2011 Blackman Industries Inc. - Pig Ear Dog Chew Recalls:
  • PrimeTime Premium Pig Ears
  • KC Beefhide Pig Ear Dog Treats

Keys Manufacturing Pig Ears Dog Food Recall
May 3, 2011 Keys Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Pig Ears for Pet Treats

Jones Natural Pig Ears Recalled

March 8, 2011 Jones Natural Chews Co. - Recall of Pig Ear Dog Chews

Merick Pet Care Logo

January 28, 2011 Merrick Dog Food Recalls - Jr. Texas Taffy Pet Treat

Canadian Dog Food Companies

No dog food recalls reported to date.

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