Choosing the Healthiest Dog Food for "Your" Pup
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"What is the healthiest dog food for MY pup?" That should be your first question when beginning any dog food comparison.

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Perhaps your last pooch gleefully gobbled up her lamb and rice dog food. Or Rover next door is thriving on a high protein dog food. That's no guarantee it's the healthiest dog food for your own little fur ball.

Just like our own children, our dogs are all little individuals. Each doggie has their own particular chemistry, their own wonderfully, unique dog personality, and of course, their own taste preferences.

As such, remember to choose the healthiest dog food for your pooch alone.

You and, if necessary, your holistic veterinarian or dog nutritionist, are the best people to judge the best dog food for your pup's requirements.

Use our comprehensive dog food comparison chart for an invaluable big picture view of the best dog food brands available. And see here for our current pick of the 10 best dog food companies

Ultimately though, your fur ball's going to make the final decision! After all, as far as she's concerned, the healthiest dog food for her, is the one that's going to tickle her taste buds! So be prepared to possibly go through the trial and error process.

These are the main factors you'll want to take into account:

  • Age
    Do you need the best puppy kibble, or are you considering a low protein dog food for your senior dog food?

  • Breed
    Do you need to consider a mini bites kibble, or perhaps a canned dog food?

  • Body Weight and Activity Level
    Would Fido be best off with a diet dog food, or otherwise a grain free high protein dog food?

  • Dog Health Problems
    Should you be looking at an allergy free dog food, or perhaps a diabetic dog food?
    Is your pooch showing signs of canine renal failure? Are you considering the pros and cons of a renal dog food diet, or prescription KD dog food?

  • Your Budget
    Compare dog food prices to find the best quality dog food that won't break your bank. Buying online pet supplies is definitely worth considering. Online dog food companies have become very competitive, and regularly offer dog food coupons and frequent specials on the premium dog food brands.

Here's also an easy to read pamphlet to download and keep handy. From The National Academy of Sciences - "Your Dog's Nutritional Needs"- which also includes a recommended caloric guideline.

Caution: Sudden changes in diet can cause upsets and imbalances in your dog's digestive system. It's important to always make gradual changes, particularly when switching from one dry dog food to another, or when converting your pup from puppy kibble to adult dog food. Add a small quantity of the new food to her regular food. Then, very gradually, over a period of a week or so, keep increasing the amount of new food and decreasing the other, until you've made a complete switch.

As Dog Food Scoop grows, we'll be categorizing our dog food reviews and ratings, to make it very easy for you to head directly to the healthiest dog foods for your own furry friend's specific dog health problems.

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