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Finally, your search is over! We've compiled this comprehensive list of KD dog food brands (also often referred to as "kidney disease dog food" or "renal dog food").

Our list includes prescription dog food, plus many commercial low protein dog food recipes as further options for renal failure in dogs, or other conditions where a high protein dog food may not be the best choice.

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After this daunting exercise, we believe Dog Food Scoop is likely the best dog food resource you'll find for comparing KD dog food brands and other low protein dog food for canine kidney failure, or different dog illnesses.

Now that we've done the grunt work for you, you can kick back and relax, and explore your various options!

Note: The low protein dog food diet is generally not recommended for healthy animals. Please first consult with your veterinarian before deciding whether low protein dog food is right for your dog.

To assist you with your decision, we have included a number of educational studies on the arguments for and against low protein dog food for canine kidney disease. Our in-depth article on canine kidney failure symptoms also includes further detailed studies.

*** Prescription dog food brands are available by vet prescription only. ***

A holistic veterinarian, a homeopathic vet, or a dog nutritionist, with experience in canine renal failure may be able to offer you the most valuable advice and support during this difficult time.

Prescription KD Dog Food Brands

Please note: The following list of prescription dog food comprises all reduced protein recipes.

Not all are designed specifically for canine renal disease. They are listed here as options to discuss with your veterinarian.

  • Although we have not yet completed formal dog food reviews on the following prescription KD dog food brands, Dog Food Scoop is less than impressed with the quality of these so-called "prescription dog foods" or with these dog food companies' overall philosophy!

    You can judge for yourself by referring to our guidelines on how to spot the best quality dog food at a glance.

  • If you decide the healthiest dog food for your pup's condition is homemade dog food, it's essential that you work with an expert on canine renal disease and KD dog food.

    This newly released book by Patricia Schenck, DVM Phd., Veterinary Nutritionist - Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets - includes NINE homemade dog food recipes specifically formulated for canine renal disease.

Hills Prescription Dog Food

  • b/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • c/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • d/d Potato and Duck Formula
  • d/d Potato and Salmon Formula
  • d/d Potato and Venison Formula
  • d/d Rice and Egg Formula
  • g/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • h/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • j/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • k/d Kidney Disease Dog Food
  • l/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • t/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • t/d Small Bites Dog Food
  • u/d Canine Dry Dog Food
  • w/d Canine - Dry Dog Food
  • w/d With Chicken - Dry Dog Food
  • z/d Low Allergen Canine
  • z/d Allergen-Free Canine

Iams Veterinary Formulas

  • Renal - Early Stage / Canine Dry Formula
  • Skin and Coat Response FP / Canine Dry Formula
  • Skin and Coat Response KO / Canine Dry Formula

Purina Veterinary Diets

  • NF Canine Formula
  • EN Canine Formula
  • HA Canine Formula
  • DCO Canine Formula

Waltham Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal LP 11
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal MP 14
  • IVD Canine Potato and Duck Light Formula Dry
  • IVD Canine Potato and Rabbit Formula Dry
  • IVD Canine Potato and Venison Formula Dry
  • IVD Potato and WhitefishIVD Canine Select Care Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Medi-Cal Reduced Protein

Commercial KD Dog Food Brands

Note, the following commercial dog food companies do not manufacture a specific KD dog food, as such.

To help broaden your renal dog food choices, we have researched the various dog food recipes, and included products which contain a maximum of 23% protein.

As always, we encourage you to make an informed dog food comparison. Please refer to our dog food ratings chart for detailed brand ratings.

Artemis Dog Food
  • Fresh MIX Adult Dog Food
  • Fresh MIX Weight Management
  • AGARX Immune Support
  • Natural 6 MIX
  • Holistic

Azmira Dog Food

  • LifeStyle Dog Formula
  • Classic Dog Formula

BLUE Buffalo Dog Food

  • BLUE Longevity for Mature Dogs
  • BLUE Senior Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • BLUE Weight Control Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • BLUE Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • BLUE Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe

Breeder's Choice Dog Food

  • Active Care - Healthy Joint Lamb and Brown Rice Dog Food
  • Advanced Pet Diets - APD Select Choice Chicken Meal and Rice Formula Lite Dog Food
  • APD Select Choice Lamb Meal and Rice Formula (Skin and Coat Adult Dog Food)
  • APD Select Choice Lamb Meal and Rice Formula (Renew Skin and Coat Adult Dog Food)
  • APD Select Choice Lamb Meal and Rice Senior Adult Dog Food

Burns Dog Food

  • Burns Brown Rice and Chicken for Dogs
  • Burns Brown Rice and Ocean Fish for Dogs
  • Burns Mini Bites Dog Food
Canidae Dog Food
  • Lamb Meal and Rice Formula
  • Platinum Formula (For senior and overweight dogs)

Chicken Soup Dog Food

  • Adult Dog Light Formula
  • Senior Dog Formula
  • Large Breed Adult Dog Formula

Eagle Pack Dog Food

  • Super Premium Natural Formula for Adult Dogs
  • Super Premium Reduced Fat Formula

Flint River Ranch

  • Senior Kibble Dog Food
  • Senior PLUS Dog Food
  • Kibble and Nugget Dog Food
  • Lamb, Millet and Rice Dog Food
  • Fish n Chips Dog Food
  • DryWater Dog Food

Hills Science Diet Dog Food

  • Adult Lamb Meal and Rice
  • Adult Lamb Meal and Rice Small Bites
  • Mature Adult Active Longevity
  • Mature Adult Large Breed
  • Mature Adult Small Bites


  • Low Fat Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Senior Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food

  • Potato and Duck
  • Sweet Potato and Venison
  • Lamb Meal and Brown Rice
  • Reduced Calorie

Nutro Dog Food

Please read our Dog Food Industry News Headlines for the latest scoop on Nutro Dog Food

  • Natural Choice Lite Dog Food
  • Nutro MAX Senior Dog Food
  • Nutro MAX Weight Control Dog Food

Solid Gold Dog Food

  • Holistique Blendz
  • Mmelinia Beef and Barley Dog Food
  • Hund-n-Flocken Adult Dog (lamb)
  • WolfKing Adult Dog (bison)


  • Black Forest Dog Food


  • Super5Mix Chicken Dog Food
  • Super5Mix Lamb, Barley and Salmon Meal
  • Super5Mix Whitefish and Sweet Potato
  • Super5Mix Healthy Weight
  • Super5Mix Just for Seniors Dog Food
  • Simple Food Solutions Duck and Rice Dog Food
  • Simple Food Solutions Lamb and Rice Dog Food
  • Simple Food Solutions Salmon Dog Food

We need your help to make this list as complete as possible. Please contact us with other KD dog food brands that we may have left out.

We will soon be adding the full dog food analysis and ingredients list to our site to make your KD dog food brands comparison even more complete.

To be automatically notified when we publish new pages and dog food reviews of the various KD dog food brands, please click on the orange RSS button on the left side menu, and subscribe to Dog Food Scoop (no email address required).

The Dog Food Scoop Team sends out healing cyber energy to all your precious fur babies during this difficult time.

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