Ordering Dog Food Online?
Tips for Shopping Safely for Pet Food Online

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Considering buying dog food online?

Nowadays, more and more consumers regularly order their pet food online, together with various other pet supplies ... such as dog medications,
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natural dog supplements, toys, crates, dog beds, and so on. 

We all know what a wonderful luxury it is to be able to have everything at our fingertips.

However, along with the many obvious advantages to purchasing dog food online, there are also a few more pointers we'd like to share with our visitors.

We've put together the following tips and recommendations to help make your online experience a safe and happy experience.

The Pros of Buying Supplies and Dog Food Online

Easy Access to All Natural Dog Food Brands

Buying dog food online is a great option if you don't have easy access to many of the all-natural, holistic dog food brands. 

A number of very reputable online pet food suppliers carry a wide variety of the best dog food brands, all natural dog treats, 100% natural, holistic dog supplements, plus numerous other dog supplies.

There's absolutely no reason why you should have to settle for second best when it comes to your dog's health.


Most online pet food suppliers ship very promptly. When ordering dog food online, you'll usually receive your items at your doorstep within a couple of days.

You can also find pet food companies that offer discounted prices when you set up regularly scheduled shipments.

Competitive Dog Food Prices

Buying dog food online has become a very competitive industry. Pet food companies frequently offer excellent discounts and specials on the major premium dog food brands.

The Dog Food Scoop Team is fortunate to have easy access to several local specialty pet food stores - BUT - we very rarely come across offline stores offering the types of deals and discounts we see when purchasing dog food online!

Purely from a cost perspective, it's a worthwhile exercise to compare prices of online pet supplies. It's also very common to find many online pet food suppliers offering free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. Even with the cost of shipping, the savings can often be substantial.

We keep our site regularly updated with dog food coupons and other discount dog supplies. Keep checking in .

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Tips for Safe Pet Food Online Purchases

Only Purchase from Reputable Online Pet Food Companies

This goes without saying for any and all online purchases. Many scammy online sites come and go overnight, taking your hard earned dollars with them.

Don't be fooled by fancy looking, "professional" websites! Always do your research before innocently typing in your credit card details.

Some points to consider before purchasing your online pet supplies:-

  • Do they have a toll-free phone number listed? Call them and see if you get a live voice. Ask a few questions, any questions. Get a feel for them over the phone. If you don't feel comfortable, walk away!
  • Do a general search on the company name. Do you find any negative consumer reports?
  • Research how long they've been in business. Only deal with well established, long standing online pet suppliers.
  • Find out whether they have a Return and Refund or Credit Policy.

Avoid Credit Card and Identity Theft

Credit card companies have become very sophisticated in their ability to quickly pick up and flag suspicious transactions. However, credit card and identity theft is always a concern for online and offline transactions alike.

  • Be cautious! Upon checkout, before typing in your credit or debit card details, ALWAYS ensure the following:-
    • The URL in the address bar begins with https:// and NOT http://. Notice the extra "s".
      Safe pet food online
    • The padlock icon is displayed at the bottom right of your screen.
      Secure dog food online
    • Wherever you see the https:// and the padlock icon, you can be assured that all e-commerce transactions (including online banking, etc.) are safe and secure.

  • We recommend you consider signing up with www.paypal.com, and using them as a safe method for handling online transactions. There are numerous advantages to using Paypal, and it's super easy and totally free!

If you have any questions or tips about ordering dog food online, or a story to share, please visit "Community Scoop" - Our interactive online doggie parks. We'd love to hear from you!

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