Canine Urinary Tract Infection From Dry Dog Food?

by Anonymous

Can you please tell me if my 5 lb. Maltese needs both dry dog food and canned dog food, or only canned?

I have been feeding kibble, but wonder if this will cause her to have a urinary tract infection like it did our cat? Thank you.

Editor's Reply

Can we assume you were advised by your vet that the dry cat food you were feeding was in fact the cause of your cat's urinary tract infection?

If so, please do add a comment letting us know which cat food brand and formula you were using. We know many of our visitors are cat parents too, and this will be very valuable information to share.

Canine urinary tract infection is most commonly caused by several types of bacteria, including: Escherichia coli (E.coli), coagulase positive straphyloccocus, esterococcus, klebsiella, pseudomonas, proteus mirabilis, etc.

As we all sadly know from the various ongoing dog food recalls, including the horrific dog food recall of 2007, it certainly is possible for commercial dry dog foods to be contaminated with bacteria, some of which can be the cause of canine urinary tract infection.

Pet food manufacturers who use poor quality dog food ingredients and/or who do not adhere to strict dog food testing protocols, run the risk of contamination from ingredients such as grain products including glutens, corn, wheat and rice.

Additionally, incorrect use of pet food containers and dog food storage practices, as well as unhygienic feeding methods can lead to urinary tract infections in dogs. This applies to canned dog food as well as kibble.

Canine urinary tract infection can also occur from insufficient water intake and, more frequently, from drinking contaminated water. For this reason, it's important your dog always has access to fresh water from a clean water bowl. And hands up if you're guilty of allowing your pooch to drink stale water from every filthy puddle or pond? =)

So, to summarize - Canine urinary tract infections can occur from a number of factors, other than dry dog food.

If you prefer to feed kibble, our article on How to Choose the Best Commercial Dog Food will also help you learn which grains to look for and which to avoid and, above all, do try and choose a premium, holistic dog food brand.

Please also see our article on Pros and Cons of Canned Dog Food vs. Dry Dog Food. We personally believe it's a great option to feed a combination of both, and to also rotate between brands and dog food recipes. In this way, your puppy is getting a variety of nutrients.

We hope this helps. Great question! Thanks for writing in.

To all our other visitors who may have experience or knowledge on urinary tract infections in dogs, please do share your comments with all other dog lovers here!

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