What to Feed a Newfoundland Puppy?

by Tami

We have a female Newfie 9 months old. We researched dog foods because we read the protein content is important for these dogs related to their fast growth and requirements.

It was recommended for us to put her on Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Large Breed Puppy food which she has been on, but we have problems with soft stools.

We have read over numerous websites for the "right" food for this breed but find so many different opinions that it gets frustrating. We want what's good for her with nutrition content but what is right?

Any suggestions would be wonderful!!

Editor's Reply

Hi Tami -

Regarding large breed puppy food to assist with slow and even growth, it appears the main consensus is to regulate the levels of calcium, calories and protein in your dog's diet. Maintaining a low phosphorous level is also recommended by some experts.

Grain-free dog foods are likely not the best choice for large breed puppies, due to their typically higher calcium, phosphorous and protein content.

Calcium: The ideal calcium content is 0.7%-1.2%.

Fat: Fat content should be no less than 9% to a maximum of 12%.

Kcal/kg: Calories should be in the 3.2 to 3.8 range.

Protein: Protein should range between 15%- 27%.

Important Note: The above recommendations are based on a dry weight basis. If you are feeding canned dog food, you need to ensure you convert the nutrient levels of wet dog food to dry matter.

References and additional reading:
"Optimal Feeding of Large Breed Puppies" by Jennifer Larsen DVM, MS, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis.
Large Breed Puppies: What is an appropriate Diet? - Chick Newman, PhD, DVM.

We hope this helps, please keep us updated. :)

To all other owners of large and/or giant breed dogs, if you have any suggestions, tips or knowledge to share on this subject, please jump in and add your comments here.

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