Puppy Food Advice

by Daisy Gonzalez
(Miami, Fl)



Hi, I have two tiny poodles, 1 and 3 pounds. I want the best puppy food for my puppies. I need advice. Please help!! Thanks.

Editor's Response:

Hi Daisy -

You have a Poodle weighing one pound? Your babies are still very tiny, and we're so glad you're taking the time to compare the best puppy food for them.

It's very important that you feed them a premium all natural puppy food that they enjoy eating. Your goal is to ensure they get all the nutrients they need in order to achieve the average growth for their breed. Make sure you choose a puppy formulation food, until they are about twelve months old, at which time you can switch them to a premium adult dog food.

We also highly recommend you rotate dog foods by brand and by formula, say every two to three months.

You can start by checking out our Best Ranked Dog Food List, as well as our Dog Foods Rated Four Scoops.

We also suggest you read the following articles, to learn for yourself how to immediately tell the best dog foods apart from the "bad"!

You may have to experiment a little at first, to find one they both enjoy eating. Take caution to not overfeed your puppies either, though!

We hope this helps and, by the way, Teddy looks adorable :)

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Puppy Food
by: Gizmo and Gracie

Try Solid Gold called Wee Bit, it's in pink foil bag marked for all life stages - very small kibble too - both my small puppies did very good on this food with no problems.

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