Picky Eater

by Maghan L.
(San Diego, CA, USA)

My 3 year old chihuahua is an extremely picky eater.

At the recommendation of others with the same problem, they suggested Hills Science Diet Small Bites. SHE LOVES IT! However, I have been hearing nothing but negative things about the brand and I am worried about her health, etc.

I am concerned with the cons associated with this dog food brand but I am equally concerned with attempting to switch her food. The last time I cycled her to a different food, not only did she refuse to eat it, but seemed to get stressed and sick from the thought.

I guess my question is: What is a better choice of dog food that will be a similar taste and type to the Hills Science Diet for a smooth cycle transition?

Editor's Answer:
Hi Maghan -

Yes, we agree your little pooch can get much better nutrition with something other than Hills Science Diet dog food.

A couple of suggestions you may wish to consider:

  1. Fromm Dog Food is well worth looking into. Although they don't make a specific "Small Bites" dog food, their kibble generally tends to be a lot smaller than other dry dog foods. We know this from experience as our dog (who is over 30 pounds) was not very happy with the Surf and Turf Grain Free "pellets"! Unfortunately, it didn't work out for us, but could be a great option for your baby.

    FYI, their smallest kibbles are "Grain Free Surf and Turf" and "Chicken A La Veg" - both in the Fromm Four-Star line.

    Note:  All their dog food ingredients are sourced from either the USA or Canada only. Additionally, they do not use Ethoxyquin in any of their fish meals.

  2. NOW!  is a Canadian dog food company who offer a special "Small Breed" kibble. Like Fromm, they are an excellent family owned, premium, all natural dog food brand.

    Note: Based on the ingredients list of the above options, we do prefer the Fromm recipes as they appear to have a larger quantity of meat protein than the NOW! option.

  3. Have you considered feeding her canned dog food? Wet dog food is always much more flavorful and appealing to dogs, and a great solution for picky eaters. It also appears to be a healthier option than kibble. See here for pros and cons of canned dog food vs. dry dog food. This would be our personal first choice.

Remember to switch her kibble over very gradually to avoid stomach upset. It also may help her adapt to it more readily.

We hope this is of help and, again, we're so glad you're looking into switching her from Hills Science Diet. :-)

A call out to our other visitors. Is your dog also a picky eater? Do you have any other suggestions for small breed dogs? Please jump in and help your fellow dog lovers. Add your comments here!

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Fromm Kibbles
by: Anonymous

Fromm's Salmon À La Veg may actually be smaller than Chicken À La Veg

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