Just Started Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy, But...

by Pam
(West Linn, Oregon)

I am concerned after learning that Blue Buffalo is owned by Petsmart (not that that's a bad thing, I don't know?). Petsmart sold me on Blue and now I know why, they own it.

My 10 week old Portuguese Water Dog Loves it! So that's a good thing. The breeder sent me home with Kirklands Premium Puppy (yuk, smells like poop!). So I am in the process of switching her over. Then I hear that Blue has had a couple recalls (all I could find where in 2007). So now I'm wondering if I made the right choice?

Please help, I just lost my 10 yr old Brittany to cancer in July and I fed him Nutro Naturals. I wish I would have investigated his food more. Now, I'm not saying that it cased the cancer but who knows? I'm sorry if this is a duplicate post.

I tried uploading a picture and it was too big so it kicked me off. So no photo this time. I love this website by the way!

Editor's Comments

Hi Pam -

Firstly, we'd like to say how sorry we are for your recent loss. Keep thinking of your beautiful Brittany now pain-free and frolicking joyfully with all our other special furry buddies who, too, have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. :)

Regarding Blue Buffalo Dog Food ...


  • Contains no corn, wheat or soy;
  • Contains limited grain in their first five dog food ingredients;
  • Blue dog food contains a decent amount of animal protein in the top ingredients;
  • Does not contain by-products, synthetic Vitamin K (menadione), Ethoxyquin, or any other harmful preservatives, flavors, artificial colors, or sweeteners;
  • Is on the Whole Dog Journal's List of Approved Dog Foods, 2010.


We have recently come across a number of disturbing consumer complaints, such as puppies suffering from bad diarrhea on Blue Dog Food, as well as recent reports of mold in new bags of Blue Buffalo Dog Food!
(See: www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/blue_buffalo.html).

We are not aware of any recent Blue Dog Food recalls, but it's important to be aware!

So! In a nutshell, our suggestion as always is PLAY IT SAFE! If you feel uncomfortable in any way about feeding this dog food brand - or any other - to your new puppy ... simply don't! There are many other premium dog foods on the market to choose from.

We hope this helps, and we invite all our other visitors to please share your own experiences with Blue Buffalo Dog Food. Add your comments below.

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Stay away from Blue dog food
by: Melissa

My puppy was gradually switched to Blue and has had full blown diarrhea for over a week. The vet checked her for everything else.I'm taking her off Blue asap.

Jill UR-Wrong
by: Thomas Wheel

Jill, Petsmart does not own Blue Buffalo dog food....you are misinformed if you think they do. They sell Blue Buffalo food, they own AUTHORITY brand food....maybe you got confused I don't know.

I've worked with a Blue Buffalo food rep & they are very prompt & strict about their management of the bags of food in Petsmart, constantly checked for freshness dates.

The only recall I was around for was when they said there may be some extra vitamin D in a batch of food....which does no harm, but may cause a dog to need to urinate a little more than normal....of course they removed all of the bags in the stores with matching batch numbers to correct this.


by: Anonymous

I was looking at ingredients in different dry dog foods, to determine which would be good for my two slightly overweight, sensitive stomach Labs.

I was surprised to see on the label of Blue Buffalo dry food there are 3 types of bacteria that I did not see on any other dry dog food. They are Bacillus Subtilis, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Enterococcus Faecium. I know in the Human digestive system, our bodies make and use bacteria to keep our digestive systems working.

I do not know if the other dog food companies just do not list them or if this is something beneficial for dogs that Blue Buffalo has started to add. Any ideas?

blue dog food
by: kim

I have 4 dogs ranging from 5 1/2 months to 3 yrs.

I have tried several different kinds of brand name dog foods and paid high prices. All of these foods contributed to scratching, ear infections, weight gain, anal gland problems and yes the dreaded stool eating.

One of my friends recommended Blue dog food and I went to check it out. I`m glad I did. All of these previous problems have stopped. I can not believe the difference in a few short months. Even my heavy dog has lost a few pounds. Well worth the cost.

I'm having great success with Blue
by: Joyce

Being a Petsmart Brand is not a bad thing. .. I have 2 rescue G.Shepherd Mixes and have been feeding them Blue since I got them. They always have great Check-Ups at the Vets. I always get, "These Boys are very Healthy". I have no reason to switch from Blue.

Also I frequently donate to Petsmart Charities when I check out from the Store. I looked up Petsmart Charities on a charity navigator website and Petsmart Charities got the Top 5 Stars, which means that most of the money we donate goes towards helping the animals as opposed to paperwork and salaries.

So all in all, I feel that Petsmart is a Good Corporation as opposed to the other.

Blue Buffalo Recall
by: Anonymous


Certain ones recalled due to high Vitamin D.

He said an ingredient supplier made a "scheduling error" and produced a Vitamin D supplement just before making ingredients for the recalled dog food. Blue Buffalo said some of the vitamin may have made it into its products.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalls October 2010

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