Yorkie Kidney Failure After Dental Cleaning?

by Anonymous

We are researching a "low protein" diet for our Yorkie. We are not comfortable with this however.

He had a dental cleaning, and after that his kidneys were failing. He has come back to "normal" blood work after many fluids, and is his old self again. He is 9 years old, and we are not sure this is a good thing for him? I have read a lot on this and not sure it will help him? We were told he will always have bad kidneys, but they have admitted his blood work was normal before the surgery.

He is only 6 lbs. Any input on this?

Thanks a bunch!

Editor's Reply

These were the main points we extracted from your unfortunate experience:

a) Your vet has admitted your dog's kidney function was perfectly normal prior to his dental surgery, and has since returned to normal again.

b) However, you are being told your dog's kidneys will always be bad? Was it suggested his kidneys suffered permanent damage, perhaps as a side-effect of anesthetics and/or other chemical drugs, or even dehydration?

c) Presumably your vet has recommended a low protein diet for your dog so as not to "overwork his compromised kidneys"?

Some Thoughts:

  • As in our article on canine kidney failure: "ACUTE renal failure in dogs may be triggered by a trauma injury, exposure to poisons such as antifreeze or rat poison, or by damage caused by medications, bacterial infections (such as leptospirosis), fungal infections, or dog dehydration ... Once the underlying cause has been treated, acute canine renal failure can often be stopped with many dogs making a full recovery!"

  • Our article on low protein dog food also illustrates that feeding a low protein diet for renal failure is controversial, with recent studies suggesting it to be an outdated theory.

  • For your own peace of mind, and your little pup's well being, had you considered taking copies of his records and seeking a second veterinarian opinion? You could even try the Ask a Veterinarian Online service. Tell them the whole story and get a different expert opinion.

He's such a tiny, little thing, it sounds like the surgery took a lot out of him. :(

We hope this will help you to make a decision you feel comfortable with. Please post an update, it will be of great help to other visitors!

Good luck!

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

We do appreciate so much your input on the kidney problem with our little Yorkie, Brodie.

Everything you have said or suggested, we agree with totally, and have done much research on the "pros and cons" of feeding a "low protein" diet.....

The vet is still saying that Brodie had kidney problems before his surgery, yet his blood work was good and after paying for his treatment we feel this is an admission of guilt on their part. He even said that he is GUESSING that Brodie has always had "bad kidneys", was probably born with them? We just do not believe this.
We will take his records to another vet, and ask his opinion on it, and say lots of prayers that this was "reversed" with the fluid treatment he received for almost a week. He acts like our Brodie, totally normal, so we pray he stays that way.

Thanks again for your personal attention to our questions. This has been a heartbreaking experience for us, as well as very traumatic for Brodie.

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