Woody, Bull Terrier, Spoiled Rotten!

by Lynda Ruiz
(Beaverton, OR, USA)

Woody then!

Woody then!

I got my special boy Woody from Bull Terrier Rescue (located in San Francisco, California).

He was thrown out the window of a moving vehicle when he was about 3 months ago. He sustained a broken leg and several lacerations. Bull Terrier Rescue took him in and nursed him back to health.

After filling out an adoption application, I was chosen as the lucky person who would be owned by Woody for the rest of his life! He is the love of my life and makes me laugh everyday!

As you can see from the photos I've posted, he has grown into a happy, healthy, spoiled rotten, little Bully!

I thank God for Bull Terrier Rescue for saving his life and bringing him into mine!

Please support Bull Terrier Rescue in any way you can.

Thank you!!!

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