Which "Light" Dog Food?
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Which "Light" Dog Food?

by Mike Gruber
(Tecumseh. MI, USA)

I have an 8 year old Border Collie/German Shepherd mix (his name is Bear).

He is currently at 100 lbs and my vet would like to see him down to around 80 lbs. I was told to look for a dog food with the word "light" on the package.

I have been feeding him Iams his whole life. He is currently eating Iams Weight Control but it is not doing the trick. The label says to feed approx. 3-4 cups per day. I used to give him 2 cups twice a day but switched to 1 cup three times a day but he has still gained weight.

What can you suggest I give him?

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Nov 19, 2010
Light dog food....
by: Deanna B.

I'm sorry to say it this way but "light" dog food is a waste of money. Read the label. Iams is using beet pulp as a filler, so your dog feels full but is not getting any of the nutrients that his body NEEDS so he is still hungry. Over half of the ingredients in their light food are not meat products.

I would switch to a more meat based diet and keep in mind that dog food companies want to sell dog food so the feeding charts are a GUIDE not a bible. If I were to feed my 105 pound dog according to the chart he would be getting 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 cups a day. He is at optimal weight, even according to my vet, and he gets 3 cups a day.

I feed twice a day, they get a yummy addition to their food at night (small amount of something meaty) and a couple of snacks a day. I think that people don't add in all of the goodie calories that their dogs get. I would also have to question how much exercise a dog gets.

Good luck!


Aug 13, 2010
Check thyroid!
by: Anonymous

I would recommend you have your dog's thyroid levels checked by your veterinarian. Hypothyroidism can be the cause of overweight issues. My dog could never lose weight, even on weight loss diets and lots of exercise. He lost 25 pounds after he started taking his thyroid medication!

Jul 24, 2010
Doggy Diet
by: P Gray

I have a yellow lab that is about 30 pounds overweight.

I too saw that the dog food bags say to feed almost twice the amount that most professional trainers do. I have had both my big boys on Blue Buffalo dog food and they have done well so I put both on Blue Healthy Weight and cut the amount down to two cups a day. I thought they would miss it but so far they don't really as long as they are occupied.

Hope this helps.

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