Recommended K/D canned dog food?

by Peter
(San Francisco, CA)

Good afternoon everyone:

I have a 15 year old female collie who has been diagnosed with kidney disease. She is pretty inactive these days, and has a very delicate stomach. I've given her Hills K/D before, which she did not particularly care for, and now I read on this site that it contains byproducts as well.

Are there any good alternatives, preferably with natural ingredients, that won't break the bank? My dog prefers canned food over dry food.


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kidney diet dog food
by: Anonymous

My Yorkie was 15.5 when diagnosed with kidney disease and I had the same problem as she also had a sensitive stomach and would throw up the k/d. I also tried the Purina kidney diet and that also made her sick.

I eventually found that because of the stomach issue I had to find a food lower in protein and as natural as possible. I fed her Natural Balance beef canned and chicken and sweet potato canned. The sweet potato ones are lowest in protein. I also fed her Artemis fresh mix (holistic natural) for her dry food. It agreed with her and was a life saver. It totally agreed with her sensitive stomach absolutely no problems and lived another 18 months.

I know what the vets say about the prescription dog food but if it doesn't agree with them you have to find an alternative and most importantly keep them eating, comfortable and as happy as possible.

I wouldn't change a thing it worked for her. I hope this helps, best of luck.

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