Oops!! Help re Iams Dog Food!

by Erin

I accidentally purchased a 40lb bag of Iams "Large" Dog food. For dogs 50lbs or more. Well, the oops comes into play, because I have 2 miniature dachshunds!

Is is OK to feed them this food until we run out? Who knew there were more than one green bag for Iams! I don't want them to get sick or gain weight or anything else to happen by feeding them this.

Editor's Comment:

Hi Erin -

It's an easy mistake to make as there are actually several different Iams dog foods all packaged in almost identical green bags.

You don't mention exactly which Iams formula you were previously feeding your dogs. Nevertheless, if you compare the dog food ingredients on each of the "green" bags, you might be surprised to see how similar they all actually are. One recipe may have a higher grain content than the next, or a slightly higher calorie and/or protein count but, overall, they appear to be just slight variations of the same dog food recipe.

That said, though, we're really not fans of Iams dog food at all. Their ingredients consist largely of various cheap grains and corn, with by-products as the main meat source. See Dog Food Ratings - 0 Scoops.

If you're open to switching to a premium dog food brand, you can refer to our Dog Food Comparison Chart as a guide.

We hope this helps and to all our other visitors, please chime in if you have any comments on this topic.

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by: Nicole

Iams is not the best food you can give your dog. The information on this site will tell you what a lot of people have been finding out about pet food. You don't necessarily have to take their word for it, read the ingredient list and familiarize yourself with what they are, you'll be surprised.

OOPS re Iams food
by: Anonymous

See if the store will take it back... they just might.

40# bag may go stale by the time you feed it to two mini Doxies. I only feed 1/4 cup twice a day to mine. LOL

Check the expiration date. I would donate it to a local shelter or use it for wild bird food.

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