Nutro Dog Food Ratings

by Anita
(Indianapolis, IN USA)

2009 Christmas Pic

2009 Christmas Pic

I have been feeding my babies Nutro Ultra Weight Management, your website does not rate this brand, could you?

Editor's Reply

Hello Anita -

What gorgeous babies you have - great shot too! :)

You can find our Nutro rating of 1 Scoop on our dog food comparison chart.

We will include detailed information about how we arrived at this rating when we add our in-depth dog food reviews. In brief, though:
  • Nutro does not use quality ingredients.
  • They also choose to practice "ingredient splitting".
    See our article on How to Read Dog Food Labels for details on how this ploy is used by companies in an attempt to deliberately deceive the consumer.
  • Menadione (synthetic Vitamin K3) is added to all their formulas.
  • See Dog Food Industry News for information on Nutro's history of dog food recalls, as well as many serious consumer reports of pet illnesses and deaths.
We recommend you also read our guide on How to Identify the Best Commercial Dog Food. Our aim is to help you learn for yourself how to make an initial judgment on the quality of a dog food recipe, simply by scanning the dog food labels.

So, as you can see, Dog Food Scoop is not a fan of Nutro Dog Food at all, and would prefer to point our readers to a premium dog food (minimum 3 Scoops!).

We hope this helps, and hugs to your precious pups!

To all our visitors, if anyone has any reports (positive and/or negative) on Nutro Dog Food, please add your own comments and points of view here.

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second rate dog food at premium prices
by: Anonymous

Nutro is among the worst dog foods.

They use menadione in almost every formula. This is a synthetic form of Vitamin K. This, in spite of their advertising "all natural" dog food. They use corn gluten, in spite of advertising "no ground yellow corn." The ground yellow corn would be BETTER than the corn gluten, the protein part of the corn which is a BY-PRODUCT of corn starch, used by most of the lower quality foods to boost the protein percentage cheaply with plant protein. They use wheat and soy in almost all of their products. They boast "high levels of fatty acids." They DO have good levels of the cheaper Omega 6 fatty acids but very little of the more expensive Omega 3. They use no fruits and vegetables except in the Ultra formulas. They "split" ingredients. They use the generic "poultry fat" in most of their foods.

All this while charging premium prices for second rate food.

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