Nix - Hound Mix (Beagle, Basset Hound, Fox Hound, Bulldog)

by Suzanne Lombardi

Nix is a Hound Mix (Beagle, Basset Hound, Fox Hound, Bulldog). He is nearly 3 years old.

He loves to squirm on his back while playing with his favorite toy. He loves green beans, bananas, and almost anything else you care to offer him.

A gentle giant with a sensitive soul, he's adept at hide and seek, loves to go for runs and car rides, has a great big howl, and chases away all the neighborhood wildlife.

He likes to be an independent puppy during the day and becomes a big cuddler at night.

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Personality Plus!
by: Izzy's Mom

Love all the different photos that show the many fun aspects of Scoop. Cute name too.

by: samuel

good dog

What a gentleman!!
by: Meg

Nix is an adorable dog, looks like he got the best qualities of all the hound mixes!

This guy's got character!
by: Argus Lapidus

What a handsome pup!

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