Need new dog food for crystals in kidneys

by Dawn M. Clancy
(Candia NH USA)

I have been feeding my two dogs, each three years old, the brand "California Natural" since they were much younger. It was supposed to be a high quality, safe food to give them. I now have found out Procter & Gamble has bought out the other company and the food has been delisted.

In the meantime, my vet has told me both dogs are prone to crystal development in their kidneys. She wants to put them on Purina's DCO to eliminate the problem.

I have had the dogs since the last food scare so I am nervous about the food I give them. I do not want any food with any ingredients from China. Is the food the vet is suggesting safe and nutritious for them? Do you have any other suggestions for food to eliminate their crystal problem? I love my dogs and want the best for them.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Stay far away from Purina!!!
by: Timi-Lee

I highly commend your dedication to your dog's health & well-being, as well as your sense to not take your vet's word as "gospel".

Vets sell foods in their offices claiming to be fabulous for our pets, but when you actually look at the ingredients listed, a wise pet owner will see that the ingredients in these foods are so unhealthy for our pets.

Check the review of Purina's DOC food that is listed on the Dog Food Analysis page. This is a great source for informing pet owners of how to interpret our dog food labels, and what ingredients are potentially harmful or just plain unhealthy for our loved ones.

I've been feeding my two dogs Orijens Regional Red, and 6 Fish diets. The 6 Fish formula is great on easing strain on the digestive system, which in turn produces less stress on the kidneys and liver.

Check the source of the crystals, as it could be their water. I live in Ucluelet, BC and we were having issues with dogs having crystals in their urine, & it was due to our tap water. Giving your dog filtered water could help with this issue as well.

Flint River
by: Bruce

I have a Golden Retriever with the same problem, I have been looking at Flint Rivers Lamb and Rice. Go to their website, looks like good dog food that might help the problem.

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