Large Diameter Dry Dog Food

I like to give my dog a toy such as a kibble nibble to get food. It needs large diameter dry dog food or it comes out too fast.

What dog food brand has larger sized kibble?

Editor's Comment

Kibble Nibble Dog ToyDog toys and treat dispensers, such as the kibble nibble provide wonderful mental and physical stimulation for puppies and adult dogs alike.

They keep young puppies distracted and entertained while adjusting to being left home alone, and they also do a good job of forcing the "gobblers" to eat more slowly!

However, as you mention, depending on the make and design of the dog toy or treat dispenser, the kibble can pour out too quickly, thus defeating its main purpose.

Tip: If you put another soft dog toy or a ball (such as a tennis ball) inside the kibble nibble with the dog food, it prevents the kibble from falling through the holes as fast.

As far as large size dry dog food goes, Orijen and Acana dog foods (made by Champion Pet Foods) have a fairly decent sized kibble in comparison to other brands.

Another premium dog food we highly recommend is CaniSource, which is a top quality dehydrated raw dog food. We'd describe the kibble as more of a "nugget" shape. Additionally, CaniSource is extremely palatable, and can even be used as a healthy dog treat.

Note: The above recommended dog food brands are Canadian made, all natural, premium dog foods.

We hope this helps, and a call-out to all our visitors - If anyone else knows of either a larger size dry dog food brand, or has a suggestion for a great dog feeding toy or treat dispenser, please chime in and add your comments here.

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Large diameter, soft dog food
by: Anonymous

Our little bulldog, Huggie, has a congenital defect - a hole that could not be closed surgically, in the inside roof of her mouth. To minimize food from entering and remaining in that area we resort to feeding her larger diameter dog food that is also soft and easily digested. Can you recommend an easily found brand to feed her. We currently feed her Ol' Roy brand nuggets, but she does not like it very much and will only eat it after she's become very hungry.

Large Kibble Needed
by: Anonymous

I would like to find a BIG kibble so my big boys do not inhale the food and instead chew to help their teeth and gums and also help keep their teeth clean.

I switched from Nutra Ultra which gave them half loose bowels to Blue Wilderness and Life Protection from Blue. The kibble is minute, good enough for a Schnauzer down and I do not want to say anything bad about the breed just making a point. Called Blue Buffalo and they said they are making the food for large breeds 2 millimeters bigger as they have heard numerous complaints for years ... I said, "Are you kidding! Fire the person with that idea and fire the one who approved it!"

So once again I am marching on and hope to get some help here. Need LARGE kibble and good food. Thanks.

Large diameter dry food
by: Deanna

I use Royal Canin German Shepherd dry food to stuff my dog's toys. It is the largest kibble that I have found, although I am starting to question the ingredients in the food, due to lots of research lately for better quality dog food. I will say though, that my all of my dog's teeth look FANTASTIC!

I am in the process of searching for another food, and have to agree with the sadness of losing Evo etc., due to the P&G buyout. Many comments I've seen here are "I'll wait and see" but keep in mind that the manufacturer has 6 months to make ANY changes to the label and that may include WHO makes it.

I use the Royal Canin for treats only, it's not their primary food.

So far I have chosen Blue Wilderness and Wellness CORE. I want to get away from so much grain and fillers and feel that my older dog needs more protein. I also think that feeding the same food for a lifetime is not a good idea and have never had a problem "mixing" it up with my dogs because they're raised that way.

Good luck and thanks for reading!


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