Help Choosing Canned Dog Food!

by Kevin Aronson

My wife and I just rescued two Australian Shepherd puppies from the wild and are having a hard time finding a canned food that they will eat.

We started off with EVO, which they love but with the recent news of PG merger, we are going to stop feeding them this.

We then tried Taste of The Wild canned, which they did not like. Next we tried Merrick, they like this a little better.

I was thinking of trying Weruva but am a little nervous that they get from their plant in Thailand..... Any suggestions?

Editor's Comment:

Hi Kevin -

How terrific to be able to give these two puppies a fresh start in a loving home!

Just keep doing what you're doing, and experimenting with the premium dog food brands. Each brand has a variety of recipes, and different meat proteins. You may find they prefer a chicken or fish based dog food, rather than a dog food high in beef content, for instance. How about a game meat such as venison or buffalo? Our pooch won't have anything to do with game meats .. but your pups may love it! :-)   Trial and error.

Regarding Weruva Dog Food. We have made initial contact with the Company, and will publish a complete dog food review once we've had the opportunity to speak with them in detail.

However, by all accounts, their canned dog food appears to be an excellent product! According to their website, all their dog foods are manufactured in their own, very established, family owned "human food" facility, with extremely tight quality controls in place. They claim not to use any dog food ingredients imported from China.

If you still feel uncomfortable with the pet food manufactured in their Thailand plant, take a look at Weruva's selection of "Kobe Beef" and "Kurobuta Pork". All recipes are sourced in the USA and produced in a USA pet food facility (Note, we have yet to determine the dog food manufacturer of these formulas).

Weruva canned dog food is not cheap, but certainly appears to be a superb all-natural dog food. Great to see they use many organic dog food ingredients too!

Important Reminder: When feeding canned dog food exclusively, take care to read the dog food label, and ensure the product is intended as a "Complete" diet, as opposed to "For Supplemental Feeding Only".

We hope this helps, and good luck with your new furry friends!

To all our other visitors: Anyone have any other tips or suggestions? Please chime in here and help out your fellow dog lovers!

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Some suggestions
by: Anonymous

I've been doing the "dog food dance" for the past few weeks. Researching, reading labels,reading reviews from other people, talking to the manufacturers, etc. It's been exhaustsing.

First, I try to avoid "red flag" ingredients, which can be found listed on many of the dog food forums. Especially bad are "byproducts" and "animal digest." Corn is also bad. Next, I try to eliminate junk fillers. I often see white rice, brown rice, rice bran, oatmeal, etc, all ine on food. Too much grain! In canned food, I avoid all glutens! I'm also avoiding a vitamin K derivative called menadione sodium bisulfate. I don't like artificial flavors and colors.
All that being said, I've found some products I truly like.

Merrick canned Grammys Pot Pie has been a favorite with all my dogs. It has huge chunks of white meat chicken and vegetables. It looks exactly like a pot pie a human would make, minus the crust. Merrick makes more flavors of canned food than anyone I know of and is a U.S.-based company. No grain in their canned food. I would suggest starting with the pot pie and if they don't like that flavor, try some others. They have everything from trout to turkey. A very clean, "humanish" food.

Blue Buffalo and other companies make similar "stews" but Merrick's are less money and the chicken used is white meat. Be careful of the "stew" type cans because of gluten. For a "loaf" style of dog food, my other go-to food is Canidae. High quality, various flavors and in my area, an excellent price.

Other canned food I've looked at that seem good are Prarie, Taste of the Wild (which you said your dogs don't care for), Wellness and Dave's.

These are my personal opinions based on weeks of studying, and I don't proclaim any "scientific" analysis. There are other foods that I had no personal experience with, like say, the Pinnacle and Evo lines. Many people are upset that 3 companies just sold out to P&G and we're not sure how that is going to play out.

Just my thoughts, but I do wish you luck. It is not easy.

Not a good idea.............
by: Anonymous

I do not agree with one of the pieces of advice here. I do not recommend trying out too many different "novel" protein sources for pets that are generally healthy.

Variety is great but leave a few protein sources out of it in case, god forbid, you are faced with a pet with significant allergies/ immune mediated gastrointestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)down the road. If you expose your pet to all types of food there will be nothing left in reserves for those difficult situations.

Just a thought! From a Registered Veterinary Technician with an interest in veterinary nutrition.

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