Food Allergy

by Karen
(Victoria, BC Canada)

My dog constantly chews at his feet and has 'acne' like sores under his chin.

The vet says he has food allergies and has recommended Hill Prescription Science z/d. We have had our dog on this for more than 3 months with no relief.

Does anyone have any suggestions for us? What is the best allergy dog food?

Before this I have tried so many I can't count... HELP

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Dog food allergy
by: Anonymous

Is the Hill's rx diet your vet prescribed totally grain free? Have a look at the ingredients. There are much better foods out there, grain free.

Lamb or duck, even rabbit is good for many dogs who have allergies. NO CORN! (Or rice/grains

I have been there with two is frustrating trying to figure out what's causing the problem, and no fun for the dog either!

Good luck.

consider your dog's bowl...
by: Deanna B

Something else that people need to consider when it comes to allergies is what their dog's bowl is made of. Plastic dog bowls are known for causing acne in cats, don't see why it would be any different for dogs. I would also recommend cleaning the bowl after every feeding, I know so MANY people that don't.

Good luck, hope he clears up soon!


Food Allergies
by: Anonymous

My Jack Russell had the same symptoms.

I put her on Wellness Core Ocean Formula. Supplement with a grain free canned. Just a 1/4 can every other day. Yogurt, natural/plain, pumpkin, not pie filling, fish oil capsules, one per 20 lbs body weight. Puncture with toothpick and squirt in mouth every other day.

Search yeast infections in dogs. Read about Raw Diet, Natures Variety, Bravo. Whether you choose to go raw or not the info is invaluable in understanding our canines digestive systems and why what we are feeding them is or is not working.

It took my dog 6 - 10 months to recover. She has not had a steroid shot for 1 1/2 years now.

Good luck!

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