Dog food for allergies

I use Innova for our Yorkie. We thought we found a good product for him to eat. We took him off all grains because he has allergies and since he has been eating Innova (and also we give him boiled chicken), he hasn't itched at all.

Now that P&G took over the company and I have watched the video of the dogs, I no longer want to buy anything that P&G makes.

Now it’s back to trying to find another dog food that won't give him allergies. Well I looked up an area on the web for Yorkies and I found this dog food. Could anyone tell me if you ever heard of it and would it be okay to feed him this? It’s called “Life's Abundance”.

We don't want him to eat anything that will cause him to itch again, he has suffered enough.


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my rottie
by: Anonymous

I had a Rottie that she too had food allergies. She recently passed. However she was also a picky eater.

What I found that she did really well on was Natural Balance. She loved the Duck and Sweet Potato. They have several different flavors so choose what your dog might like best. It gives them less gas and it does not have grains in it. It is recognized by the AAFCO also. This food comes in canned or dry. I fed my Rottie the dry and she was very healthy after that.

I hope this helps you and good luck.

Rottie Lover

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