Dog Bladder Stones - Need Some True Honest Advice

by Jennifer
(Fort Wayne, IN)

I have a 6 year old miniature dachshund and she recently had a bladder stone (struvite stone) removed (7/14/10).

Since then I have been checking her urine PH with these little strips. Anyways, almost always after she eats, her urine PH is like an 8. Now the vet said we want to avoid high numbers like this, and I honestly cannot afford another $1000 vet bill.

I was told today that we think she is just predisposed to high alkalinity in her urine??

Either way, my vet wants me to put her on Hills Science Diet SD formula to help in the fight against the formation of struvite stones?? I want to know if this is best or should I be looking for a more natural/holistic food.

I am so confused and feel so sorry for my best friend....

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mini dachshund bladder stones
by: ginger

My female (now 9yrs) developed bladder stones about 3 yrs. ago and my Chinese vet has given her herbs and the stones have shrunk and she's just fine.

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