Buddy The Amazing!

by Alex Thrash
(Miami, FL)

Buddy was my first dog. I got him about a year ago. My husband and I decided to add a fur baby to our life.

With neither of us having much experience with dogs I wanted a small dog, like a Maltese. As far as my husband was concerned a Maltese wasn't any sort of dog for us, after all they only met half of his requirements of 1) big and 2) fluffy.

So after much thought I decided I wanted an Old English Sheepdog! I began my search and came across my breeder Jackie Drumm! We drove six hours to pick up our little puppy named Buddy. I was in love but of course very oblivious to what it would take to own a dog and feed him.

I happened into a half informed employee of a Petsmart who recommended Blue Buffalo. At least I started from the beginning on a fairly good food. I then began a series of rather fortunate events from finding a vet who offered a wellness plan that included all the shots little Buddy would need to neutering him.

I found an excellent trainer at my local Petsmart. She taught me so much about dogs and nutrition. I began to love being a dog owner and soon Buddy was CGC certified and now is a therapy dog.

He is the biggest lover and best friend any person could ask for! He brings a smile to my face day after day and week after week to the children of Miami Children's Hospital.

Because of Buddy's uniqueness of Buddy here in Miami I was able to get all the advice I would need to be the best dog mom I could be to the other two puppies I would later bring into my home.

With Buddy's outstanding people skills we won the attention of a school that trains people to be dog trainers. One year after I got my first loving fur baby I opened my own business as a dog trainer and nutritionist, I am able to change the life of other people's puppies everyday thanks to Buddy!

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Jun 06, 2011
Great Story!
by: Anonymous

Best of luck in the future, sounds like a great dog!

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