Best Dry Dog Food for Bernese?

by Nancy
(Turnersville, NJ)

I have been feeding Innova dry dog food to my 2 1/2 year old Bernese.

What is now best to feed her? My last dog died from Iams and I'm terrified to feed her Innova any longer. HELP.

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Need to consider the breed itself (part 2)
by: Larz

Like my beloved Akitas which is now considered to be two different breeds Akita Inu and "American" Akita. Yet my last Akita which in look most would probably say was an American Akita yet he had only one half first generation born in the States the rest of his pedigree is all straight from Japan and I don't think they sold Iam's there 60 years ago.

So what did our favorite breeds eat? Well most of all our domesticated pets have been fed scraps whether it was from the cupboard or from our plates, our pets throughout the centuries have been developed on mostly our scraps and thus so has their digestive system.

So my Akita did not develop on the same type of scraps as my families pet Rottweiler did. All meats are not alike nor are grains and vegetables. As once told by my grandmother, you are what you eat, so research the origins of your breed and take into consideration what the general food that would have come from that region as my Akitas did so much better once I started feeding them mostly fish and poultry with very little red meat, as they were able to process it through there GI tract more efficiently making a healthier dog.

That same diet would not work as well for my families Rottie, which was not developed on near the same diet, yet both are "high energy working class dogs". Our Rottie gets a much more Red meat diet and with a little poultry and not much fish at all. S

So your Bernese is a mountain dog don't think they had a lot of seafood there and the meats would have been goat and lamb not bison. I don't remember the grain and vegetables from that region but your Bernese will show a huge improvement all around from coat to even disposition once on a proper diet for the breed.

This is not just IMHO as I have discussed this at length with many other breeders and countless vets.

Hope I've helped you to make a better informed decision.

Need to consider the breed itself (part 1)
by: Larz

As this site broaches on many of top quality feeds, the one thing though that I have yet to see discussed here is picking a feed not only for it's quality but one also needs to consider the breed they are feeding as well. And I don't mean weather it's just a "high energy" breed or not.

Yes that is a large consideration in itself but most feeds do a good job advertising for "active dogs" right on the bag but where your breed originated from is just as important to know when looking for the "right" feed for your dog.

Mass produced Grocery store or "Designer" dog foods as well as cat foods have not been around all that long. I would say it's a safe bet that the oldest out there has not even been around 100 years yet we have had domesticated pets scene humans came out of the caves to hunt.

Throughout time we (humans) as different races have developed dogs into different races and most of the breeds we know today have been around much longer then mass produced feeds. Even breeds that have not been recognized yet or relatively recently by different associations have direct lineages to breeds that have been around for centuries.

Dog foods
by: Anonymous

I agree the Evangers is a good food, there are also some others. I feed Acana, but there is Timberwolf, Californa Natural, Orijen, Taste of the wild, Evo, just to name a few. Just be careful of the proteins, if you have an inactive dog you do not want too high of a protein, puts too much weight on.

Thumbs down to Natura Products
by: Bev Jordan

I don't blame you for being wary of Natura products since P & G has a history of changing everything that they takeover ( & they continue to use anmals in experimentation needlessly of their other products). I used Natura over 10 years.

There are a multitude of excellent products available. Just check out this site & read Whole Dog Journal. I have been using several of them as of late. I especially like Evangers & so do my dogs.

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