Bella - Chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund Mix)

by Amanda Fahrenkrug

Bella, age 3, is a Chiweenie (Chihuahua cross Dachshund).

Bella is a real character that goes out of her way to make me laugh. She has the cutest facial and ear expressions I've ever seen.

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my little one looks like her
by: Anonymous

My little one just died today I know what you mean. His name is Chubs.

Editor's Comment

We're so very sorry for your loss. I'm sure Chubs knew how much he was loved and we're wishing you comfort during this difficult time.

by: Shirley

We had a chi weenie who passed in Oct. and I know the ear thing. She would be sleeping and hear a noise and raise one ear to see if she needed to get up...loving dogs.

by: Ashley

I have a chiweenie the same color and everything and her name is Bella also! We have blue carpet and i seriously thought this was my Bella. Mine is funny with her facial expressions also and does alot with her ears. Also my mom calls her her grand puppy. This was really weird! Lol

by: Haley

I lost my dog a while ago and she looked exactly like her. :)

Too Cute
by: Sherri

She seems to have the very best of both breeds in her looks. Such a lovely looking girl.

My puppys twin!
by: Carren

I rescued my puppy from a shelter and they knew he was mixed with a chihuahua but were not sure what else. After seeing this pic i now know. She looks just like my Remy

Grandma's girl
by: Bella's Grandma

She is just too cute and so sweet. She's not only a mama's girl she's a grandma's girl too.

just Adorable
by: Jenn

I just love this dog she is so cute and sweet. She just loves to snuggle

Pretty cute
by: Anonymous

Yes, she is pretty cute.

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