Alternative to Hills Science Diet U/D

by elia roselle
(stroudsburg, pa)

Mr. Murray Sparkles

Mr. Murray Sparkles

My pug had calcium oxylate stones 2 years ago (he was 1 year old at the time!) They were surgically removed and he was placed on Hills U/D. I can honestly say that in my life I have never seen a dog defecate so much.

I have seen a lot of reviews stating that this brand is a low grade food, and reading the ingredients, I can't say I know what many of them are!

I would love to put him on a good quality food that I do not have to purchase from the vet. Wellness came up in my search. Would this brand or any other brand have a line that I can feed my dog?

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Jun 13, 2011
Taste of the Wild?
by: Anonymous

I'm having the same problems in trying to find an alternative food to Hills UD but I cant find one with a low protein, needs to be 10%. Taste of the wWild is 32%!!!!

You might as well put a gun to your dog's head and pull the trigger than feed them Hills UD. Is there any low protein foods out there apart from Hills? Apart from the quality of it, it's the price. His current food is £11 for 15kg 19% where Hills is £33 for 5kg.

I'm at a loss, I cant afford that but i don't want my dog to suffer.

Apr 23, 2011
Hill's UD
by: Anonymous

Ah yes, same issue here but I have told my vet three times I will not buy the Hill's rx U/D.

I am searching now for a food for my Shih Tzu who will be having two stones removed surgically in a couple weeks.

He has to have a grain free food. He has done ok allergy-wise on Instinct. But with the stones I now am looking to find something ok for that issue also.

Wellness Core, Evo, Taste of the Wild?

Mar 28, 2011
Importance of ud
by: Anonymous

I have an English bulldog that has had this surgery three times now for stones. He's been on UD and also takes Allopurinal to control them but nothing works. I'm scared to even attempt to feed him anything else.

The UD makes his skin allergies go crazy.

What I do know is that the UD food is supposed to control the ph levels of the urine. At certain levels they are prone to forming crystals. Also UD has no protein so if you do choose to feed something else don't pick one high in protein.

Feb 28, 2011
UD dog food
by: Anonymous

I have an English Mastiff who has just turned 9 years old. He had the stones as well, had major surgery, and was put on Hills U/D. I am looking for an alternative, not only because it has been 7 years of BIG TIME $$, but because my dog (Killian) has a horrible smell to him as well as the food itself has started to smell like feces. I am going to look up the wild food you had mentioned.

Feb 03, 2011
hills ud dog food
by: Anonymous

My dog has had the same surgery and I was told he needed the Hills UD as well. In my opinion the Hills has no nutritional value what so ever, I fully understood ingredients, which is basically crap... I am opting to go with a brand called Taste of the Wild, knowing what I do about human nutrition and processed crap, this looks like a much better food. Hope this helps, good luck with you dog and do some research for yourself!

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