A Maltese Poodle Mix with a Pinch of SASS

by Ryleigh

My dog Shelby Lu****** is the most sassyest dog you will ever meet! I am going to tell you some small stories about this dog who thinks she's the Queen of Sheeba!

"Shelby wants to drive!" It was Saturday, December 3, 2010. We took Shelby for a little drive in the car to get her out of the house or to be more specific, off the couch.

So we got her in the car and sat her on my lap and I sat in the back seat. As soon as we started moving she got in her little position and pounced for the shotgun seat. She failed to get there by falling into the small trash can belly first. I sat diagonally from the shotgun.

I forgot to tell you that Shelby is a rather chunky dog and we have one too many nicknames for her, etc "Chunk Chunk, Big Mama, Chunky Babe, Big Thang, Cha Cha Mama" and so she can't jump far.

Well anyways she tried again and made it and she sat up there and raised her head like she just finished a marathon. And my Mom was out on the big road when Shelby runs over to my Mom, slams into her arm and makes the car go into a whole new lane. My Mom takes control of the car away from Shelby and back to her, and gets in the right lane.

And you would think after all that, Shelby would be in the back with me. But noo Shelby was sitting on my Mom's lap while she's driving!

That dog SOOO spoiled.

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