We at Happy Endings Animal Rescue H.E.A.R. them all!

by Sue
(Pinedale,WY, USA)

whats not 2 love

whats not 2 love

Happy Endings Animal Rescue, like the majority of animal rescue groups, operates using volunteers and fosters. We rely solely on the generosity of others.

Why consider a small town rescue? Good question. Answer -Because they all matter, whether they are located where there is a funded facility, or if they are in a small rural town.

There are so many issues that require so much time that often there is volunteer burn out. We take in unwanted companion animals and find them loving compatible forever homes. While we can't understand why there isn't a funded facility, nothing fancy, just a place we can call home, that students, volunteers and others can come see our furry friends, we keep on plugging along, saving one life then another.

Sometimes it is necessary for us to relocate animals because we do not have the visibility (it's hard for folks to just drop in) and our adoption base is smaller. It has happened that after not being able to adopt an animal then transferring the animal to a larger facility, adoption occurs in a more timely manner.

We took in a dog that was found "hog tied" a few months back. She was so afraid of humans it took months before we could approach her without her cringing. She has been adopted by a loving lady that has 4 others and is progressing fine.

We would like to be able to have a low cost spay/neuter clinic, and a place to help educate young and old to the human/animal relationship/bond.

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