Rocky Ridge Refuge

Rocky Ridge Refuge is truly a remarkable place - and it's proprietor, Janice Wolf, a truly remarkable person.

The Refuge is located in North Arkansas. I was introduced there by my sister and her husband, who were in the pet care industry in the area, and one of the first members of the local humane society (along with Janice).

Rocky Ridge does not just stop by rescuing dogs, but often large breed, deaf, blind, three-legged ones, which are hard to place, as well as all sorts of misplaced wildlife. Janice, with few volunteers, makes it her life to live simply and work hard to make sure these animals get a chance.

Education is also a part of Rocky Ridge's mission, whether it be advice and reference to someone considering adoption of one of her animals, or sharing informative articles to a nice fan base on Facebook.

My Riddle Lu, an Anatolian Shepard mix, was sheltered by Rocky Ridge Refuge for a few months, and I can't say enough about what joy she's given me.

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