Operation Blankets of Love

by Bev Abrams
(Chatsworth, Ca)

Operation Blankets of Love is a nonprofit group which collects towels, blankets and pet items and then issues these supplies to shelters and rescues all over California.

We have found that as there is no funding for any type of comfort at shelters, giving these dogs and cats a warm blanket to cuddle up on will make them much more adoptable. When a dog is huddled in the corner of a cage, the prospective owner most likely passes them by.

We travel to shelters and educate staff on how to care for these poor animals until they find a forever home. We are basically the Red Cross for animals and get calls every day to come to the aid of shelters everywhere. We need funding as our van is getting old and we put on approx 500 miles per week just delivering blankets, food, supplies, etc.

We travel to schools to speak to children whom we hope to educate. We want to make the community aware of puppy mills, dog abuse, overpopulation and hopefully in teaching these small children, they in fact will become responsible pet owners.

If there is anyway your company can send us some sort of financial aid, it will be so greatly appreciated. For every dog we help, there are 20 we cannot get to but with more money, anything is possible. This time of year is especially difficult as many are sleeping outdoors and freezing. Imagine a warm blanket in each and every cage at every shelter in the country. We may not be able to give each dog a home, but we can give them some comfort and warmth while they are waiting.


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