Haven of The Heart
Animal Rescue Site Extraordinaire

by Miki Edgerton
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This is not my animal charity but one that totally deserves support.

It is called Haven of the Heart. It was founded and is run by an amazing woman named Ursula Heart who I met many years ago when my parents owned property next to hers in Caledon, Ont.

Ursula takes in everything from dogs (her primary rescues) to ponies and bunny rabbits, and has worked at this for over 20 years now. She is like a guardian angel for animals, and never turns anyone away. She even keeps the animals no one adopts and lets them live out their lives peacefully on her farm. She calls them her "Permanent Residents".

This project of hers has been always managed by her and there is never a shortage of love for all the animals in her care. All the Vets support her project by giving care to her little fur friends so they are all vaccinated and in good health.

Since her project relies on donations I cant think of anyone who would deserve, and totally appreciate your help more than Ursula Heart. I am attaching a link from the web about her so you can see what great work she does. Haven of the Heart

I sincerely hope that you will consider this amazing woman for one of your donation awards.

Respectfully Submitted
Miki Edgerton
Toronto Sun 24 Hours News Columnist

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Animal Rescue Site Extraordinaire

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angel of mercy
by: cathy cave

I add my comments to others in praise of this amazing sanctuary operated by an Angel of Mercy for the waifs. Not only does she give unconditional love to all that cross her path but she lets the unadopted animals live out their lives in security and love. She needs all the financial and physical help offered.. the Haven is in my will.

My Haven Waifs
by: Jan Clare

I too adopted my dog, Freddy, a beautiful English Setter who has unfortunately passed away. He was 10 when I adopted him and he was 14 when he passed on 9/ll 3 years ago at the age of 14. He had a wonderful life with me.

My kitties, Jasper and Elsa have been with me now for about 8 years and were about 18 months when I got them. Holly came with them, but has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I have kitties that I adopted, but started out fostering to help Ursula - all black. Rhett Butler, Peter Pan, Daisy and Max. They're about 3 now and real characters.

Ursula is one of the best rescuers around! I just donated $ through CanadaHelps. I have spent many wonderful hours helping around and miss her so need to get back up there, soon!

Haven of the Heart is an outstanding place!
by: Jim Bentley

I have adopted two Huskies over the years from Ursula and both have been outstanding dogs, with the latest one, Boris, serving as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog.

She rescues some animals who are out of chances for a good home. Boris had been taken to a vet to be put down because of behavioural problems. The vet contacted Haven of the Heart because they recognized this dog just needed some love and attention. He got it at Haven of the Heart.

When I adopted Boris my other Haven of the Heart waif, Wolf, was still alive and the two of them got along just fine. His progress is so amazing that he now visits a nursing home, special needs children's school and other people who benefit from dog companionship as part of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program.

There could be a similar dog waiting for you at Haven of the Heart. If you want a pet, give Ursula a call and she will likely have an animal that will suit your situation.

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