Dachshund Rescue of North America

by Charles Mozitis
(Chews Landing, New Jersey, USA)

The Dachshund Rescue of North America takes unwanted, abused, injured and otherwise homeless Dachshunds and will see that they get the best medical attention required, without regard to cost.

Those who need expensive back surgery get it!

The Dachshunds are then placed in foster homes and there they are treated as one of the foster's family. When a forever home is found, the Dachshund is then transported to their new home, again without regard to distance or cost. A small adoption fee is required.

Forever home parents must apply and be approved after a background check is complete. All of these dogs are healthy and up to date on all their medical requirements.

The people who volunteer within this organization are amongst the highest calibre anywhere. They selflessly go above and beyond, to right the wrongs of other low life humans who needlessly harm and hurt these amazing animals. Each opens their heart to helping and loving these dogs who have done nothing wrong, except be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On any given weekend, there may be up to ten volunteers willing to spend their time, money and energy, driving one of these wonderful dogs across the nation from the foster homes to the new forever homes. Each person taking a portion of the ride and handing the dog off to another to continue the journey. Of course if more dogs need transport, more people are there offering their services.

At any given time, day or night across the US, volunteers are out picking up new dogs at a moment's notice and placing them into loving and caring foster homes.

These people are truly amazing, dwarfed only by the amazing dogs they love, care for and serve!


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