2nd Chance Border Collie Rescue

by Rose M. Riedl
(Delavan WI.)

We rescue Border Collies and BC mixes who have been abused, neglected, unwanted or homeless. We pull from over crowded shelters and from owners.

All of the dogs that come into rescue are fostered in homes where they receive the love and attention they need, as well as vet care, food, basic manners, and are temperament tested.

So many Border Collies have been owned by folks who are clueless to their need for physical and mental exercise, and so the dogs will often find their own 'job' which is often destructive. And this is why we also educate the public about the breed and its history as being the premier herding dog, helping sheep and cattle farmers for years.

We are all volunteers and every penny is spent on the care and feeding of the dogs we rescue. Our rescue has been saving Border Collies for over ten years and we are grateful for any support that is sent our way.

Website: www.2ndchancebordercollierescue.org

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